The Opening of the Sirius Gateway July 3-7 - A Time of Strong Spiritual Energies

The Opening of the Sirius Gateway July 3-7 – A Time of Strong Spiritual Energies

The Opening of the Sirius Gateway July 3-7Every year during the first week of July, a sacred gateway of energy is activated between Earth and the star Sirius, bringing heightened vibrations and spiritual advancements.

In astrology, the first week of July is considered to be a time of spiritual advancement and a time where all of humanity can raise their levels of consciousness.

During this time, the Sun and the Earth are the furthest away from each other. This means that the energetic influence of the Sun is a lot weaker on Earth.

The Sun is considered to be the life line of this planet. The Sun holds the energy of birth, warmth, sustenance and light. The Sun is what keeps us alive and present in this Earthly reality.

As the Sun and Earth dance with each other from afar, energy from another star comes into the limelight. This star shines 23 times brighter than our own Sun and is known as Sirius or Earth’s “Spiritual Sun”.

Sirius has long been revered by many ancient cultures and was believed to be the gateway to heaven.

In fact, in Ancient Egypt, Sirius was considered to be the star of the goddess Isis, who ruled over death and rebirth amongst other things.

In ancient Shamanic cultures, Sirius was believed to be the realm of the gods and when it was closest to Earth, they would journey through the gateway in order to collect Divine messages.

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Other cultures believe that Sirius is home to a technologically advanced alien race that contains higher knowledge and consciousness than what we have on Earth.

In astrology, Sirius is considered to hold energy that is far more advanced than our own Sun, and when it moves closer to Earth, it can have profound spiritual influence.

From July 3rd to the 7th every year, Sirius moves the closest to Earth and with our own Sun further away, Sirius energy is able to freely flow towards Earth, opening a gateway of energy.

This gateway allows Earth to receive direct “downloads” of information from Sirius, which can accelerate the spiritual advancement of life on Earth.

With this gateway activated, it is a highly potent time on Earth and one where spiritual awakenings and downloads from more evolved beings/spirits are likely to happen. This is why Sirius is often referred to as Earth’s Spiritual Sun.

During the first week of July, the vibrations on Earth are believed to be much higher and much more powerful. This can help to increase your levels of creativity and can make you more aware of your intuition.

Sirius is also believed to be a technologically advanced place, so these inspirations are also brought to Earth at this time as well.

There is also an interesting link to Sirius and Independence day in the USA.

In fact, it is perhaps no coincidence that in the US we celebrate the idea of freedom, justice and liberty for all during this powerful activation of Sirius energy.

Sirius itself holds the energy of freedom and is all about expanding our awareness so we can let go of limitations. This is how Sirius energy allows us to evolve and allows us to see beyond just our five senses.

In order to receive this powerful spiritual energy in your own life, the first week of July would be the perfect time to start a new meditation practice, activate your third eye and reach out to your spirit guides and guardian angels.

It would also be the perfect time to do an aura cleansing and if you work in the tech space, it may also be a good time to come up with new innovations or experiment with new advancements.

PS. The next gateway we have involving Sirius falls on the 8/8 and is called Lionsgate. This is another highly potent time of Sirius energy. Stay tuned for more!


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  1. Thank you for taking away the nudity so I can focus on your articles, which I love. It was such a strange thing to have the spiritual articles on here, and also all them nasty boobs, and asses. I am grateful that they are gone, and will not have to discontinue reading your posts. I did request removal for the sake of the children who read you, from Facebook.

  2. Bander says:

    Whatever you wrote, was done beautiful. Easy language to understand and accurate information. Thanks a million!

  3. drturi says:

    July 2017 personal and world horoscope by Dr. Turi – Happy Fourth of July readers… It has been a while since I produced a full cosmic code public newsletter readers… This is your July 4th 2017 present and while America is celebrating its own “independence day” an American/French man is still working very hard to make you aware of how much indoctrination and control thousands of infected corporations have over your beliefs, your fate and your life in general. Terania and I are dedicated to offer, not only America but the entire world its spiritual independence and bring back God’s Cosmic design true purposes to humanity. Share please.

  4. Hello. At the moment in Spain and Europe we have summer. That means the sun and the earth are at their closest. Is this Sirius gateway still applicable on this side of the planet?

  5. Kristy says:

    I am feeling super angry today for some reason. Is anyone else feeling this way because of the energy?

  6. Crystal says:

    Obviously ISIS (goddess/Queen/Royal of fertility & purity) didn’t consent, sensually or consciously 4d, 5D seventh chakra, indigo Crystals/Progression to the golden section 0.618
    Coral Jade~government property- ♎️☮️☯️❌❌⛓♎️ ISIS did not in any way shape or form of matter have intimate relations with any single brother to keep royal bloodline pure “Horus” 13 body pieces/brutally chopped up=1 fed to the fish Can’t put Horus back together, no ovum for him eternally!! Hemophiliac! ❌Pestilence❌Allah prostrate to Adam?? Eve didn’t consent/Lucifer envy…⛓thy brother with sister? Eve did not consent to brother nor did Virgin Mary, nor did any other consent Jesus, God, intimate with the father? why? 7 seals 7 violations
    Thy Lord,(Royal) “King James Version”
    “Allah (moon) ok, (Zoroastrian/Persian forever flame eternal infinite evolution as what flys above good words good deeds good thoughts purification/that which falls below the veil touches Mecca evil thoughts evil words evil deeds there is no mercy/no poppyseed)
    Satan/Daeva of immorality & pleasure & idol worshippers.
    The revolution cleansing Mother Earth/New Earth of idolatry. Purification ground zero biohazard 4 Pharaoh God absolutely. Allahs messiah there is no Virgin in your heaven. can’t put Jack or humpty back together again, don’t forget Jill Johns & Janes, Darwin theory, unlike Adam & Eve the tree of knowledge and good bears fruit, the tree of bad and evil beneath the veils golden age bears rotten seven fold avenged cosmos, quantum philosophy golden progression 0.618(PHI)
    Monad •€¥€• 3.14 (Pi)

  7. Stephen says:

    This is beautiful human information. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is The Divine Angelic Ascension Channel, and on her Facebook and Youtube pages you will find much information on how to Ascend at this time and heal your DNA vibration and Pineal Glands back to higher dimension. There is also lots of information on the meaning of Stonehenge, crop circles and about the star & Ascension gates which have remained hidden until now for thousands of years, channelled directly from the angelic and star beings themselves.♥

  8. Crystal says:

    Indigo = Pure (Triple divine) (venomous Nectar) Irrational numbers=disease •€¥€•
    Let them go rotten.

  9. Jane says:

    What about for us in the southern hemisphere?

  10. Crystal (HeyokaLotus) says:

    A glimpse into a supernovas mind. Intricate simplicity. A wonder fot joy & peace. Intentions for balance within. Synchronicity a surge of emotion a flutter of sinusoidal waves. A pressure in the presence of another. A intrigue with a glimpse into the outer dimensions. Consensual energy waves collide with angelic acceptance. A infinite being colliding with active restoration. All fundamental concepts contrived subliminally jeopardized. The fear between dimensions and reality preserved progressively. Internal symbiotic acceptance.

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