Black Aura People

Black Aura People

Black Aura People

Black Aura People are intelligent and energetic. They are communicative, organized, ambitious and love to surround themselves with other people, wealth and luxury.

They express the belief that every human being should live in prosperity and abundance. They have a great ambition to achieve their goals. Black auras tend to focussing more on business and other social events that could help their growth. Black individuals love to give advice and to tell other people what to do.

They think they know everything better and it really often is. They are great teachers and lecturers. Their powerful, fast and accurate communication allows them to express their ideas by force and clarity. In most of the time they say exactly what they think. Black individuals can remain embittered or disappointed if their goals and ambitions are not achieved and can not control their lives. If this happens it is very difficult to be in their company.

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They become aggressive, impatient and judgmental. They tend to obsess with their views and behavior and can easily offend or hurt others. If they want something, they want it immediately. They are perfectionists and have high expectations. Often blame others for their own problems and disappointments.


Social life of the Black Aura

In our society, people with black aura are associated with money, wealth and luxury. Aristocratic black people lead expensive lifestyles and need a lot of money around them. Money and lifestyle are very important to them. Material wealth shows their high social status and gives them security. They can do literally anything if it is paid well. The black persons spend a lot of attention to their appearance and prefer wearing modern, expensive and sexy clothes. These proud people usually appear on business meetings with expensive cars, wearing designer suits or dresses and wear expensive jewelry.

The Black aura people have difficulties to accept all human beings as equals. They feel they have superiority and usually communicate with people only from their environments. To learn to understand the behavior and attitudes of others is a major task for them. They are highly communicative personalities and know how to express themselves. They are social people who know exactly what they want and desire.


Career and Finances of the Black Personality

Black aura people are good organizers and coordinators of projects or teams. They often have their own businesses or hold high positions in companies. Their openness, great mental abilities and communication skills helps them to reach leadership positions and gives them a sense of importance and recognition.

These career-conscious individuals are successful entrepreneurs and typical of workaholics. Typical professions for the black auras are: bankers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, marketing experts, real estate brokers or the stock market, executive directors, producers and financial advisors.


Health and Development of the Black Personality

The best way for a black aura person to find a harmony and remain emotionally and psychologically centered, is to take full responsibility. Once you recognize what you really want and take active steps to take control over their own lives, they can live full and dynamic. The black aura people are not very interested in purely physical activity. Practicing a sport for fun, does not have much sense for them.

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Black auras will become active if they find a good reason to keep a good physical shape. Such reasons are good health, good figure or overall attractiveness.The  Black individuals must actively work on mental relaxation and focus. Visualization, clear dreaming and autogenous training are proven methods to achieve deeper and more relaxed state of mind. Once the mind is calm they are opening and are able to move into the higher dimensions.


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9 Responses

  1. Balasubramanian says:

    As per your test I am a block aura man and the assessment about the habits and behavier of block aura people is 100% correct to me.

    • Chae says:

      I too am a black aura. I found it to be very accurate indeed. In fact, 99% correct. The 1% remains for the reason; I do believe in equality, rather than not.

    • A Black soul says:

      I am a black aura person and it’s is very inaccurate when it talks about their characteristics in depth. I am not a person who cares about clothing, I don’t care about ‘looking attractive’ and I don’t care about ‘money’ or material things. I don’t care about social status which is the entire section revealed after. So it feels like they are throwing a whole kitchen at people who have a black aura without being able to tell the difference. That or my standards cannot be fulfilled by a test like this?

  2. Mine…a black aura….mmm it seems to me a very dark side person, after many years of self development, I really thought I was quite the opposite. Maybe I needed to self develop to become that opposite!

  3. Samuel Rodrigues says:

    Clifford Neil Roffey, being an black aura individual is not necessary negative ! As in the fact it is positive! According to this, I am an black aura as well and the caracteristics (sorry about any writing)suit me a lot. Black aura only gains a negative lebel if negative actions being praticed otherwise, they are extremely powerfull individuals. You can keep cool! 😉

  4. Alaan says:

    I just discover that I’m a black aura my self and everything makes sense now

  5. Yusef says:

    I’m not sure i believe this… Black is the base of all colors, it can turn in to any color it wants, Black aura people are somewhat lost and have not found there true self just yet.

  6. Victoria says:

    Yusef, brilliant observation! I love that. And I also wonder if you can be classified with a main color but have tinges of another color? Maybe like in East Indian teachings with the Pitta, Vata and Kapha Doshas?

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