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Which One Of Your Chakras Is Most Dominant?

We each have 7 energy channels in our body that work together to channel our spiritual life force. We each have one that is more forceful than the others, and influences our daily life in more impactful ways. Find out which one is yours with this simple fun test. Be sure to check “The Chakras & Their Functions” to know more about the chakras and “How To Balance Your 7 Chakras System” to learn how to balance your chakras.

By: Piper Kaufman

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35 Responses

  1. Stacey says:

    Spot on… Nothing about my temper though.. I hold on to things till I bust.

  2. Norell Leung says:

    spot on.

  3. Shyna says:


  4. Mark says:

    That’s is me to a tee,hands down every aspect.

  5. Mina says:

    Yes that’s me…my heart rules…

  6. right on, thank you

  7. Absolutely spot on.

  8. Keni says:

    Yes spot on!

  9. Patricia morris says:

    It’s all wrong it says third eye chakra. Its completely opposite to me. I’m always second guessing myself. My perception is not very good.

  10. Michael Alloway says:

    yeah it sounds about right to me , hate to admit it but it does .

  11. Dean Kacher says:

    Not sure, CHAKRAS are very interestig and wouldn’t mind learning more.

  12. vani says:

    Yeah it’s correct

  13. Emma says:

    So true Thanku

  14. Inge says:

    Spot on for me too

  15. Ameer Ali says:

    Yes it on the mark

  16. You nailed it. Completely me. Thank you.

  17. hard to say cause it sounds like me but not necessarily all of me… I’m sure if it would have come up with other ones it would just be a different perspective on me. Still lost in the jungle of knowing myself 😉

  18. Anna says:

    Mine was spot on

  19. Rachelle says:

    That’s me laying in a field with bare feet in the grass as I type this lol

  20. LilyCat Will Laughlin-Rose says:

    Not entirely correct–yes I do feel thinges strongly but sacral chakra’s not my dominant–it *is* fairly strong tho

  21. Guy Lavoie says:

    I’m definitely very throat chakra

  22. Teri says:

    Yes…spot on

  23. Marcie Hall says:

    Yes, I would say this sounds like me.

  24. Jette says:

    Yes It is surely me ☺

  25. Raúl Riesco says:

    yes, pretty much, even when it was difficult to make some choices

  26. Diana says:

    So accurate !

  27. wendy says:

    yep this is me to a tee…

  28. Yes, that’s me…A
    very loving Earth Angel with a Pleiadian soul.

  29. With doing this test i wanted to make sure and see if what i thought my dominant chakra , is really my dominant chakra. I didn’t get disappointed and was right on the mark. This test is really usefull and spot on.


    Root Chakra is my dominant chakra and the description is spot on. very enlighting.

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