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Do you practice Psychokinesis? 5

Do you practice Psychokinesis?

What is Psychokinesis Psychokinesis is the ability to independently affect the matter only with the power of the mind. It is several different types, such as telekinesis – moving objects or pyrokinesis – influencing fire....

Amber Crystal 1

Amber Crystal

What do you know about Amber? Amber has the color like the sun. During the day of direct light is yellow and orange in the evening. This is one of the first stones used...

Esoteric Knowledge of Dreams • GOSTICA 2

Esoteric Knowledge of Dreams

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Our attention generally follows the movement of our eyes, i.e. our consciousness is usually focussed on whatever our eyes are looking at. If we want to focus our awareness on...

Why should i be Spiritual? 12

Why should I be Spiritual?

This question is very important and in the same time very funny, because as you will understand in the end of it, you will see that you should not be anything… 🙂 So… friends,...

How to Become Magnet For Happiness 6

How to Become Magnet For Happiness

There is one little thing about giving and receiving  that everyone should know: In this too words is the key for achieving all wishes, but will speak about this key later, because Gostica likes to...

How to start my spiritual path? 9

How to start my spiritual path?

Even the creation of this question marks the beginning of your spiritual path. This question will attract its answer (The Law of Attraction) very quickly. After you ask yourself “How to start my spiritual...