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Blue Aura People 0

Blue Aura People

Blue aura people are the most caring, supportive and protective personalities in the color spectrum. They live by the hearts and emotions. The purpose of their life is to serve and love others. They...

green-aura-people 11

Green Aura People

Green aura individuals are balanced, harmonious and peaceful people. They need harmony in their lives and prefer to live in a natural environment. They are the most balanced in the color spectrum. They have...

yellow-aura-people 4

Yellow Aura People

Yellow aura personalities are the sunniest, happiest and most childish people in the color spectrum of the auras. All they need is to have fun. These playful people have a wonderful sense of humor....

Orange Aura People 1

Orange Aura People

Orange Aura personalities are creative adventurers. They have an inner urge to be creative, active and enjoy their lives entirely. Orange auras are always busy with the construction, organization and forming of their projects...

red aura people 1

Red Aura People

Red Aura personalities take pleasure in expressing themselves through their sexuality and physical body. They live their lives “here and now” with strength, courage and confidence. Reality must be tangible for them. They should be...

The Energy of The Chakras 18

The Chakras & Their Functions

Chakras are energy wheels through which energy flows into or out of the body. When developed, they rotate as a wheel. The main chakras are seven. In fact, we have hundreds of chakras that...

Do you practice Psychokinesis? 5

Do you practice Psychokinesis?

What is Psychokinesis Psychokinesis is the ability to independently affect the matter only with the power of the mind. It is several different types, such as telekinesis – moving objects or pyrokinesis – influencing fire....