10 Signs You Have Found Someone From Your Soul Group

10 Signs You Have Found Someone From Your Soul Group

soul-groupYour Soul Group is like your spirit family and are all the souls that were cut from the same “energetic cloth” as you.

Together, you all have a specific mission and purpose to achieve that is part of a greater and bigger vision for the Universe.

All the members of your Soul Group vibrate within a certain frequency and your soul is in harmony with that vibration.

Your Soul Group is often chosen by you before you were born as it is believed to support your soul and its mission and growth in this lifetime.


You may not meet all the members of your Soul Group in this lifetime, but irregardless you are all working towards the same goal or mission here on Earth while bringing your own unique flavor and personality to the process.

Members of your Soul Group come into your life to change your world and to expand your mind. They also come to remind you of your journey, purpose and mission.


Some people identify members of their Soul Group as Soulmates as often there is a strong chemistry, connection or familiarity upon meeting.

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There are different levels or types of Soulmates that we can encounter which could be presented to us as family members, romantic partners, teachers, enemies and even chance encounters.

There are no finite rules surrounding how a member of your soul group will come into your life.


Here Are 10 Signs You Have Found Someone From Your Soul Group

soul group1.) They may mirror or have a similar life experience as you, helping you to understand your situation better.

2.) They may highlight your personality traits helping you to change or grow.

3.) They help you to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

4.) They help to balance out your energy and show you a different side of life.

5.) They can help you to find patience, understanding and compassion.

6.) They can highlight a need for you to heal or let go of certain events or emotions.

7.) You can work together to create, brainstorm ideas or bring visions into the light.

8.) They come into your life to help you on your path right when you need it.

9.) They help to advance your soul and your soul journey.

10.) You work together to support global causes or a bigger vision.

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Author: Tanaaz Chubb

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5 Responses

  1. Tracy Rowe says:

    I think that it’s necessary to add that a member of your soul group is someone you immediately recognize, even though you’ve never met before. One of my soul group, who I recognized immediately (unconsciously) helped me to work through so much past abuse, but not in a sunshine and flowers way. our relationship was what you might call “tempestuous”. I had severe anger issues, in that I was terrified of making anyone angry with me. he was very angry most of the time, sometimes at me. Through him I brought up the past issues and, through I might add a very painfully emotional process, healed a lot of the past.

  2. Yes Tracy …am finding it a challenge to recognise and indeed accept that those in my soul group have longevity in my life but I don’t like them…..not all but some. Wow must have chosen major life lessons with them……..only one I find harmony and constant support …

    • Tracy Rowe says:

      he actually pushed me to the brink of suicide, but that attempt was a HUGE lesson. I cleared so much past pain, and I learned a better way to deal with life going forward.

  3. Rita says:

    Here is what I think. I think I can’t believe I would have agreed in advance to my parents, my siblings, my entire family actually. I feel so totally misunderstood and unsupported. And before you start to say it’s “ME”, stop yourself. I get along quite well with many people, but am quite uncomfortable and out of place in this family. There has been much unhappiness and dysfunction in my life. I pray that I am not incarnated back into this family. Does anyone else feel this way?

What do you think?