7 Signs of Synchronicity You May Be Experiencing

7 Signs of Synchronicity You May Be Experiencing

7 Signs of Synchronicity You May Be ExperiencingAre you exhibiting any signs of synchronicity?

Synchronicity is a common occurrence amongst those who are actively working to raise their vibrations.

If you’ve been elevating your state of consciousness, it is highly likely that you are experiencing a number of signs of synchronicity.

So, in this short video, I will outline 7 common synchronicities. However, there are others! If you care to share any other signs of synchronicity, feel free to comment them below.

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XO, Andrea Law of Attraction Educator

By: by Andrea Schulman, Guest writer, In5D.com

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3 Responses

  1. Ona Nee says:

    Coincidences and Synchronicites do exist. They exist for the seeker of truth to move, or by being promptedor guided by One, where One is in the exact place at the exact time, simultaneously . This is really a naturally occuring phenomena for an Awakened Being. Conscious and Aware on many levels (multi-dimensionally). when these things happen…It’s Pure Joy! Why? Because, it’s a sign, a light post message given by the gods. Bells begin to ring and there is a spacious loving Presence in the Air that moves through and within each of us. When One is contemplative quiet enough Goes Deeper into the Heart Itself…This Presence Awakens The Presence inside of us. Om Shanti Om <3

  2. Ewan says:

    For a few months now I have had synchronicities almost every day. They way they happen is that as I am typing, saying or thinking a word or phrase, that exact word or phrase is spoken on the tv or I read it at almost exactly the same time. It happens so often that I feel for sure that it is angels or other spirits letting me know they are around and guiding me.

  3. frank jakum says:

    Beginning in mid 1995 i began to notice very accurate parallels between my personal experience and stories written in the Bible. Then a dream following a strong tingling sensation in the early morning hours of October 21 1995 lead me directly to a consistent figurative language that eliminates the contradiction of historical interpretations and reveals the Bible as an account of the opposition between our hearts and our heads and an evolutionary shift that comes out of the tension resulting.
    this interpretation is detailed in the self published book “The Third Measure of Meal” by frank jakum. This book was published in 2010.
    In the book “mysterious lights and crop circles by Linda Howe there is documented four circle formations with an F-J signature just outside the main formation ( pages 15, 16, 216, and 183) Another from the same time is documented in the book “Crop Circles” by Werner Anderhub and Peter Roth (pg. 72) These all used capitol letters to form the initials. Twelve years later with no formations of the F-J initials, a sixth formation appeared at
    Jubilee Plantation on 15 August 2011.. This formation, appearing one year after the book, ‘The Third Measure of Meal” is the only one to use lower case letters. On the cover of the book, the year before, I had the publisher write my name in lower case letters.

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