Which Of These Indigo Adult Characteristics Do You Have?

Which Of These Indigo Adult Characteristics Do You Have?

Which Of These Indigo Adult Characteristics Do You Have

Many of us can be indigo adult, you can be young and still be one. Those who are indigo’s are not simply born in 1975 to 1995, however that seems to be where the biggest group of indigos come from. If many of these characteristics speak out to you. You may be an Indigo adult.


Indigo Adult Characteristics

◆ You don’t have any top grades, but you are very intelligent.

◆ You love making things and seem very creative.

◆ Constantly need to find out why. Specially when you are inquired to do things.

◆ You don’t like repetitive tasks, so school work seems tedious.

◆ You were very rebellious in college/school, declined to do any home work, refused authority or you wanted rebel, but couldn’t because of pressure from your parents.

◆ You might have experienced depression, you felt helplessness. These ranged from suicidal tendencies to sadness and despair.

◆ Have difficulty fitting into service oriented occupations. Most Indigos reject power and class related jobs.

Which Of These Indigo Adult Characteristics Do You Have

◆ Favor leadership roles or prefer working alone than to working in a team.

◆ Seem intolerance of ignorance but have deep connection and empathy for people.

◆ Can be emotional, like crying for no reason or be the complete opposite and showcase no emotion.


◆ May have problem with anger.

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◆ Have problem with systems they consider failed or broken, ie. educational, medical, legal, and political.

◆ Feel alienated and angry with politics, you feel your voice will not matter or the outcome doesn’t matter to you.

◆ You are frustrated with the 9 to 5 occupations, marriage, kids etc.

Which Of These Indigo Adult Characteristics Do You Have

You are angry at your rights being taken away or angry at big brother watching you.

◆ You have an inner desire to change things and make this world a better place.

◆ Have many spiritual or psychic interest and seem to appear when you were young.

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◆ You don’t seem to have any role models.

◆ You seem to jump around a lot in your conversations, random behaviors patterns linked to your strong intuition.

Which Of These Indigo Adult Characteristics Do You Have

You have had many psychic encounters, seeing spirits, OBE, hearing voices, premonitions and such.

◆ You are electrically sensitive to items like watches which seem to malfunction or street lights seems to go out as you go under them.

◆ You have knowledge of other dimensions.

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◆ You are sexually very expressive or you may disapprove sexuality with the purpose of a higher intimate spiritual connection.

◆ You seek meaning to your life through spirituality.

◆ You are determined to find balance to become stronger, happy and healthy.


Which of these indigo adult characteristics do you have? Some may have few of these but those who are indigo adults have more of these.

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25 Responses

  1. Anna says:

    I think I must have been ahead of my time since about 80% of what you have just written is valid for me yet I was born in 1965. So ,please don`t put timetable around something like this . There are always the oddballs in each generation who doesn`t fit in. Plus you are generation X and 1965 is the first year of that gen. And just as in astrology when a planet is in the 1st degree in sign has the strongest impact of that sign so is the same when a generation characteristic is taking place. Just look at the heavy outer planets influence in 1965 ant the tension of it and you might understand what I am talking about…!

  2. pt4men says:

    Indigo from 1956… And yes, it all fits… But it would fit a nice description of ego-centred people as well. (Leo speaks…)

  3. Pamela Biga says:

    I agree with the first few comments, in fact my palm shows that I may be a wanderer. I was born in 1948 and most of what you say fits me. I may be a starseed too, but I need more info on these people to really know, mine involve dreams and i experienced

  4. Maureen says:

    Yup, I am pretty much all of these, born in 1985.

  5. I have all of those things. I was born in Nov 1957. I also work online as a psychic, tarot reader and I do dream interpretations and I review Tarot related books and decks. My other blog is my art blog, I have done crazy quilts over the years, I do embroidery, silk ribbon, punchneedle plus more. LOL

    • Nick Kennedy says:

      libby777, most, if not ALL that tarot/psychic stuff is FAKE. Sylvia Brown (JEW) was busted already a few times. I had a female friend who did the ‘psychic’ SCAM over the phone and she told me it was fake. Like they say, “There is one born every day.”

      • good for you. I have been helping people with my gifts for over 11 years online, have repeat people calling me for over 8 years, I am NOT fake. The site I work on is filled with fakes though. But don’t sweep everybody into one pile.

  6. John DiStefano says:

    Yes, I am Indigo–born 1954–and years back, I used to even wonder if there might indeed be something wrong with me, and then rather instead began to be thankful for who and what I truly AM, and to live my life in such a way as to be living true to my soul purpose and life mission.

  7. Kim says:

    I was born in 1972 and these are all my traits. Yes I am an Indigo

  8. I was born 1968 and these are all my traits.I am an Indigo.

  9. Patrick says:

    I love your articles, but I am less likely to share something with so many grammatical errors. Thank you for everything.

    • Nick Kennedy says:

      Yup, someone who cannot use the english language correctly loses credibility with me too. My spelling ‘errors’ are deliberate, and for effect.

  10. Nick Kennedy says:

    Anna my FRUITCAKE friend! There are NO planets, the Earth is FLAT and EVERYTHING you know is a LIE. So much for your Indigo NEW AGE BS!

    • Jason says:

      I’m confused. If a person says the world is flat, there are no planets, and everything we know is a lie – that makes it true and makes a person who thinks contradictory to those points a fruitcake? Now I would have thought that actual evidence should be presented with such a statement……………….If the Earth is flat, as you say, it is obviously still three dimensional. How thick is this flat earth? Where are the edges of this flat earth and why are they undiscovered? Countless planes have flown over the poles, so the idea from the flat earth model that suggests that we are kept in by the arctic barrier and are not actually circling the Earth is impossible. Please share the facts that have led you to make such bold assertions…

      • Nick Kennedy says:

        EGGZACKLY Jason! Methinx JOU are starting to catch on! L0L Earth is FLAT just like it LOOKS when you get up high and can SEE enough territory/geography, or ‘sea LEVEL’. Have you SEEN ‘countless planes’ flying over the poles or is this 2nd hand information? I have been researching FLAT EARTH for less than 2 years, but I have read enough common sense and LOGICAL comments to agree. This also goes along with what I have been saying for over 20 years that EVERYTHING we have been indoctrinated with (see edJEWcation) is BS! There are websites offering $5,000.00 to anyone who can PROVE the Earth is a spinning globe, or ‘planet’. Google ERIC DUBAY. He has plenty of ‘evidence’ for anyone with a critical thinking brain. He is also VEGAN (conscious) like moi, which gives him even more credibility. I have researched MK ULTRA mind CONtrol for about 20 years, and NASA, which is part of the M.I.C., is thick as thieves involved in it. I KNOW victims personally, so that isn’t just an ASSertion either! A lot of NEW AGE ‘leaders’ who spew the ‘Indigo’ stuff, and ‘channel’ the ASS-ENDED lol masters are mind controlled slaves, which makes them MPD automatically. NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS…

  11. Amanda says:

    This all rings true for me and see it in both of my girls as well! 🙂

  12. Lex Luger says:

    20/25 although I don’t buy the “indigo” nonsense.

    • Nick Kennedy says:

      Some people are born more intelligent than others of course. If they are labelled ‘indigo’ then whatever, but it sounds very hokey to me also. Others are more CONSCIOUS bc they are connected to SOURCE/CREATOR but they are ridiculed by the dumbed down egocentric masses.

  13. Amanda says:

    I have a question for all the indigo’s, are any of you in a happy relationship or marriage and have always been faithful to your partner?

  14. I was always indigo and pay tribute to all indigo children & adults http://www.RobertTothSculptor.com

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