10 Signs You Are Experiencing a Recalibration Of Your Mind-Body-Soul System

10 Signs You Are Experiencing a Recalibration Of Your Mind-Body-Soul System

10 Signs You Are Experiencing A Recalibration Of Your Mind-Body-Soul SystemAs we transition from a third dimensional reality to a hyper dimensional existence we are experiencing a recalibration of our mind-body-soul being.

This activation of cellular restructuring, a quantum make over, has been triggered by cosmic waves of light energy flowing through and around our planet for she, too, is recalibrating, raising her frequencies.

This process has been triggered and is being monitored. We are being guided, as a planet and as individuals, protected and healed.

The transition from third dimension existence to multi dimensional living is tricky and challenging. Highs of intense, creative energy surges followed by deep lows of blurry head, physical tiredness, poor short term memory and tearful moments.

We may feel internally conflicted, like we are being pulled in different directions. We may be more aware of the control dramas others are playing out around us. We may see through the lies and manipulations of people or society in a way we never did before.

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This can be disconcerting, confusing and leave us feeling under the weather, tired and restless. As our bodies recalibrate we need to rest, stay hydrated and eat well.

We are moving from a linear existence in the third dimension to hyper dimensional reality where time is quantum. We will exist in past, present and future simultaneously.

This is the fifth dimension. Full of love, abundance, flow and balance.  As we transition we move between the third, fourth and fifth dimensions. During sleep our dreams allow our spirit to free itself from the dense vibrations of the body in the third dimension.

We may experience timeline slippage or acceleration. This is a rare and incredible celestial event. A unique opportunity to release karma and evolve.


10 Signs You Are Experiencing a Recalibration Of Your Mind-Body-Soul System


Your body is changing:

  1. You are more sensitive to chemical based products- skin irritations, allergies.
  2. You cannot tolerate synthetic food the way you used to.
  3. You experience aches, pains, colds and flu’s, stomach bugs, blurry vision, popping and buzzing in your ears and unusual headaches.

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Your mind is expanding:

  1. You are actively filtering out ‘news’ trying to disconnect from the fear and depression it generates.
  2. You have woken up to much of the lies and deceit played out in global politics.
  3. You are remembering childhood passions, creative outlets you enjoyed but forgot about.


Your soul imprint is changing:

  1. You are seeking quieter ways of being.
  2. You are in the process or have shed friends/colleagues/family who bring your vibrations down.
  3. You are drawn to meditation, yoga, healing therapies, being in nature in a way you never have before.
  4. You are aware of fluctuations in your perception of time.


As we disconnect from the matrix, the holographic third dimension, flowing with surges in cosmic waves, we feel this mind-body-soul recalibration, and it’s not easy. Many people are restricting their diet cutting out wheat, gluten, meat, dairy products. The move towards organic non GMO food speaks of this.

The fight to stop Monsanto also shows a movement of awakening to the poisons of the matrix. The food weapon agenda is increasingly recognized and fought against. Alternative holistic remedies to matrix made illnesses like cancer drive the battle for freedom and disconnection from the kabals’s hold and control of the third dimension.

All of this adds up to a bumpy ride friends. We are to rise above the matrix, raise our vibrations in alignment with Gaia yet still exist in the matrix. To be grounded, mindful, living the third dimension life whilst simultaneously attaining connectedness to the frequency of the multi verses, of love, of universal oneness.


The law of free will dictates our freedom to choose, we are sovereign beings operating in a quantum web of infinite possibilities and opportunities in time and space. The vastness and intricacies of this frighten some whilst others feel reassured to know we are individual, sovereign in our own right yet simultaneously connected to all life in this convoluted, complicated multi verse.

Meditate, connect to your higher self and the cosmic flow of love energy for guidance and healing during this intense period of upgrade.

Realignment of our chakras to the higher frequencies of cosmic ascension is the heart of recalibration. Balancing of the mind-body-soul trinity.

We are excavating the root chakra, rebalancing our sacral chakra, powering up the solar plexus, opening and living  through the heart, projecting our authentic selves through throat and activating our third eye and crown chakra. We seek alignment root to crown.


Self care is the modus operandi of the day. This is ground zero. Politically, economically we are all working harder, fighting a corrupt system plagued through mainstream media with war destruction, fear and horror, this is masses of tough sticky dark energy to wade through.

All the while lightening ourselves through meditation and upgrades.  This requires a change in contextual perspective for many of us. The capitalist matrix dictates work work work, compete, feel inferior, work work work, compete. This is not conducive to self care.

So how to navigate these stormy, challenging times? I don’t have great words of wisdom. Calamine lotion is my friend. My husband and children keep me mindful of a beautiful present. My soul tribe keep me laughing. My home is my haven. Meditation keeps me sane.


We signed up to this. Either as a lightworker here with a cosmic and personal mission or as a soul riding the karmic release waves on planet earth as its panopticon prison crumbles.

This is a rare, momentous and incredible time to be alive, breathing and here! When you’re kicked back someday in a starship lounge enjoying a cosmic cocktail this is the lifetime you and your tribe will be reminiscing about.

This lifetime with its peaks and troughs, waves of intense growth towards freedom, unique experiences and true beauty of the planet and the human experience. This is the lifetime we will all remember. The one we cleared hundreds of lifetimes worth of karma.

This is it friends. The big one. Be in the present with your kids, your pals, your people. Love and be loved. Rest when and as often as you can. Stay hydrated.

And remember it’s happening to lots of us. The force has awakened, the red pill swallowed, Kansas is going bye bye and the new earth is where we are headed. Stay relaxed beautiful people, be calm and go with the flow, meditate and give yourself some love.


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By: awakening5dhealing

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11 Responses

  1. Salwa says:

    I totally agree . After my reiki 2 attunenmemt, I started feeling all the above symptoms . I thought it’s gonna be for a week or 2 . Now it’s my third week and my I feel these symptoms intensely esp. the headaches but at same time the feeling of peace and inner joy is overwhelming. I am aware of a lot of stuff even my dreams and visions are more vivid and clear.
    Thank you very much for this clarification

  2. SKY says:

    All of this is in tune with my path to heal the world for God. The heart cleansing and the relationship mending and healing through honesty is all part of his process. Tears falling and childhood issues revisited. The reconstruction and rejuvenation of my body gifted through the Holy Spirit….ALL God. This is his process for healing this year of “Honesty and Revelation”. A pivotal year to say the least. It is opportunity for EXTREME growth. It IS world wide. It is a true MOVEMENT, and it’s intent is to heal and bring on the abundant blessings we are supposed to have and to become ALL that we ever wanted and dreamed of. It’s truly AMAZING. I write about the healing process, and gift it to anyone I can. It’s my purpose now….xo I can gift it to anyone, or send an active link.

    • Rebecca says:

      I would love a gift of healing and any insight on how to get back on the upward spiral to beauty and ascension. I was on a conscious soul-expanding path and I lost my way. Now I’m nestled into deep, dark, dense vibrations and worrying that I’m stuck here, as it has never been this low or this stuck. Just pure fear, full-body anxiety, lack of will.. All good practices like yoga & healthy food seem out of reach as I’m barely able to get out of bed. Have I been swallowed by the dark?? Is there always hope?? I’m a shadow of my former self. My life and dreams have collapsed. I’ve been prescribed meds — I don’t want to get lost in the matrix of fear-based reality but I don’t know how to shift. I am usig mantras but it feels like I’m too far on the other side to convince myself even for a moment. My need for reassurance is a drain on other people. I used to be strong and light and a healer! Is it asking for surrender? Is beauty just waiting for me to see it? How do I flip the switch? Thanks for any insight…

      • Raquel says:

        You’re NEVER stuck in the dark, but the dark FEEDS off of FEAR. I used to be afraid of all the things my psychic/spiritual self saw. I felt UNTIL someone told me NOT to fear my Ability but, instead to IMBRACE IT and allow it to become STRONGER. By doing so I no longer allowed the dark entities and feelings, that tried for so many years, to imprision me. It took some time to tell inner self that everything that I experienced was for a Higher Good and that GOD had chosen me to for a specific purpose. So when I did embrace it my psychic/ empathy abilities got stronger and the dark went away. I have no job, little too no money, and yet I’m Extremely Happy. WHY? Because I put my Trust, Heart and Soul in GOD and in turn he provides me with Everything I need; food, a roof over my head, extremely good people around me, anything I ask for. More importantly, I have Peace of mind and the willingness to help others find their right path. You too can regain your journey on the Right Path. You are NEVER LOST for GOD WILL NOT ALLOW IT. For even in the darkness there IS LIGHT!! Start by telling your inner self that you ARE a GOOD PERSON and that EVIL will NEVER EVER HURT YOU AGAIN!!! Do this everyday and put as much if not MORE EFFORT as you have in obsessing on the bad. Then PRAY and Ask GOD or your Higher Good to deliver you from the evils that haunt you and ask that you no longer be afraid. Know in your heart, and truly BELIEVE THIS AS TRUTH and I PROMISE YOU HE WILL SAVE YOU! I KNOW He will for I was once you. I AM praying for you and will continue to. I am even going to give you my email address should you choose to contact me. Its rockenredv8@gmail.com. Also, I live in Ca. Sending you God’s Protection, and Love, Raquel

    • Kristy says:

      Send me the link please

  3. I used to be afraid of my feelings when I started feeling and thinking this way. Now, I know it leads to a higher level of being.

  4. Dawn Bailey says:

    I have been having pretty bad allergic reactions since the beginning of May. I would like for just one day for there not to be a mark on my body.

  5. Mandy Anhorn says:

    Holy guacamole!! this article is me to a tee I cannot believe it. Everything in this article is true about my life over the last 5 years since my son was born

  6. The New Christ says:

    Change is ahead!

  7. Crystal (HeyokaLotus) says:

    Cloned 1 ovum & 1 Spermatozoa countless generations unity is shared in the dimensions by divine woman and divine man. (unfortunately there is darkness lurking throws you off trying to block your original recipient in Psi/chakra mode) Numerous other individuals who were viable for intimate relations arrived off other planets which were than destroyed via atomic bomb. Forced to stay on this planet & forced to exist in exile. (Slaveholding) Human torturous trafficking (Knights Templer) for every single volatile reason imaginable all the way to children and induction of early purity/puberty cycle (hormones). sacred cow /India/Chakras/China-Buddhist-Ohms/ in fear there will be death due to disease, a woman with compromised DNA (animal violation) unable to produce ovum Cross DNA begins morphing (intellectual impaired) relative/related breeding =majority of intellectually impaired individuals. ancestors generations of religious war imposed on firstly Egyptian ISIS & Pharaoh (melted gold off pyramids, took the crystalline, then it was produced off the ISIS ovum, gave free energy to all then tesla introduced and erased reality, (racism & prejudices.) Lastly revolution of 1980’s comes full circle Iran (Persia) was the Zoroastrian, Mashuq Good thoughts, Good words, Good deeds-golden age 9 that is dead wrong DAEVA!!! It’s called the golden progressive section beautiful rainbow pyathagoris capable mathematically able to manipulate the crystalline in the pyramid covered in gold with reflective beams controlled atmosphere sun, moon, rainbow, hurricane, thunderstorms, synchronizing between divine dimensions (underground/knights templer/alpha/bata/gamma/delta-fraternity-fertility-united states of America university violation/the golden progressive section of indigo female/FEMA)
    indigo child-women rituals/sacrificed
    (Phi 0.618) which then becomes a full circle (Pi 3.14) with two halfs like an alien ovum split into 2 repetitively for all generations to violate. They implemented ISIS married her own brother and procreated offspring absolutely not sure he was murdered but not ISIS you need the ovum and still continue it will not be an infinite universe with intentions to exploit the female body violated for her birth rights. As are and we’re men violated for their contributions which is of equal partnership with consent. Which raises questions how is it only male gentlemen sell spermatozoa yet fertility in women is not an option. I will never sell my ovum but has it ever been sold which fertilitle women can tell me. None because the ovum is attained illegally without consent & possibilities cloning equal states of matter in comparison to any other exclusion animal compromised DNA. These Christians with there Adam and Muslims prostrate to Adam asking for virgins in heaven us divine Gods & divine Goddesses do not condone, our children will not be in the hell your headed to. There are no in heaven as there is the sky of stars(satellite) the sun (Rah) the moon (Allah) I have no Jesus in my heart I have not met this man you speak of who violated Eve for she would rather have the apple of knowledge and know full well wisdom and say no to her brother. Joining Lucifer outside the garden for he envied the bond she had with Adam. Bonding no more!!

    We now conclude with mutual kindness and generosity giving to our indigo children our Blu Ray, Rainbow, Crystal children in a compassionate manner, There is a relation listen to your gut this is your intuition telling you bad or related perhaps a cousin, if you feel fear panic, racing heart, knots in stomach, eyes darting all over rooms making scenario decisions by objects involved, fight or flight. This is a bad ending that never happened it’s time to leave and move on deciding should I, yes absolutely that’s 100% a get out moment, stay calm. There are many divine men & women intertwined in this dimension equation equally with persistent efforts walking with you now. Who do you know in reality? Space for enlightenment? Find your self? Has your soul ascended yet, Certainly. Good thoughts, Good words, Good deeds, good desire. Would I like to see you in my afterlife if you were my child, absolutely and the most precious merciful gift of all would be to know you will have a grand magnificent place which you deem fit, past will be forgotten and every single passing moment will increasingly grow in emotional fulfillment you’ll have only but the splendour enjoying each and every divine moment in your existence because you are a gemstone & peace is deserved!

    Think of the dimensions if you can enter these dimensions and you do, that would conclude your of an elite section your position in this universe is of Royal status. You need to distance yourself from the individuals who have a purpose for you for selfish property. You are not properties, or character to be studied and sought out by hybrid humans. Have a great time indulging in the potions. Your empath quality will carry you and at some point on your journey you will sit at the right hand of your own kingdom with King and Queen with possibilities of prince and princesses and it will be revealed.

    Your contracts do not exist in the New World Pharmaceutical giant has been sleeping intentionally slipping in the arsenic and now who gets it, the hemorrhage/stroke (snake venom similarity) the hemophiliac? (Dog related disease/hemophiliac)

    The soul I feel so much stronger with my heart off it is the desire to feed clothe and adorn the children with splendour and glory. As they proceed into the future wide knowledge with the freedom to measure & control their choice in suitor as a human with such pure DNA a divine purpose a gift in purity passed down by a God & Goddess
    Many light walkers many divine
    Such difficulties with joy for the indigo children in peace as how could it be good not understanding why you’re mother and father bought you from a laboratory and than lied and said your there mother there father. Despicable and this is how having such gifts and abilities isn’t a simple task, it’s worth fighting for what’s right and I love and appreciate that this sight with all these grand articles has allowed me to become one with muse and self awareness allowing me to travel into these dimensions of illusion & reality. Realizing I’d let my heart and soul ascend was incredibly meaningful & magnificent moment. Thank goodness

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