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Why should I be Spiritual?

This question is very important and in the same time very funny, because as you will understand in the end of it, you will see that you should not be anything… 🙂
So… friends, let’s start with this:

What is “to be spiritual”

We often hear the sentences like “He is very spiritual man” , “She lives a spiritual life”, “I will choose the spiritual path” and others…
But what exactly is this spiritual way of life? To be good person? To help my neighbors? To always be there when someone want my company? To be “on call” for the problems of others? To serve  humanity? Well… is it spirituality? Ok, it is 🙂 But what if I don’t have any desire to do all of this things right now, when I know that some of my friends need me for example… What if in this moment I just want to stay alone? Should I do the “spiritual” duty or if choose to not do it and just relax, is this gonna to make me not spiritual. And guess what if you choose to listen your desires- you just picked the spiritual turn of the road 😀 We all know that the spirituality is pure happiness. So if you pick to do what you like instead of speaking with your friend that will complain about his neighbor, that was so noisy last night… you got the point. Choose your happiness and do what you want.

Am I not spiritual if I choose “ME”

Spirituality is not a job and it should bring you freedom. We are here to be happy, to feel joy, to feel love and to create the life that we desire in the material universe- The Law of Attraction again 🙂 To live in a high vibrations is the purpose of every spiritual teaching, right?

Why I should be Spiritual?

Why should i be Spiritual?

So this means that we should always pick the happiness. No matter what happens around us- happiness is the spiritual way. Remember that everyone is free to choose, so if your friend wants to complain and to be angry- ok. This is his or her decision. You think what you prefer. To listen to your friend or to go out and have fun or just to do something that brings you joy. We are learning also how to not judge anything around us- but what about the judging of yourself?

To let my self free

We feel guilt often when we choose to do what we want, instead of doing what will make happy the other persons. But Gostica does not see any point in this guilt- I have desire to feel high vibrations ( this is the most natural desire of my soul), but look, the other person just pick the low vibration ( for example anger)- ok, there is no place here for me- we want a different thing right now.
It is so simple and even logical- there is no place for guilt and for judgment. So the thing is- next time when you feel guilt just know that this is your ego- not your Higher Self, because what is the constantly vibration of our souls? HIGH- happiness, love, joy. So let your self free and do what makes you happy 🙂

We are born Spiritual and there is nothing that you should become. We just have to learn to not judge and to choose always the happiness. Everyone has this free will to do this choice and to do the opposite too. Spirituality is teaching- how to be happy. Live a free life, without guilt and then you will remember that “to become spiritual” is one illusion. You are already spiritual and better go and celebrate it.

Gostica solutes you for your spiritual happiness. It feel so free when you left the guilt behind and fly with the wings of spirituality and happiness 🙂 It feels like the mind is one with the soul…finally in                                                                                                  PEACE .


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12 Responses

  1. Thank you Gostica, just in the right time that i needed this nice words

  2. Derek says:

    Yes, in my experience, we are all spiritual already. We cannot totally know this though, because the mind can only relay information AFTER it happens. The Now is beyond the capabilities of the mind to know as it happens.

    As a Zen practitioner, my task is to live in the here-and-now, for that is all there is. This cannot be known by the mind. As with all great masters, enlightenment will happen to everybody. Life always evolves as it IS spiritual We will realize it, but we cannot DO it. We already ARE it. Sitting in meditation each day, I recognize that I do not DO it.
    Meditation comes to my awareness. Zazen (Zen meditation and mindfulness) is just a willingness to be open and waiting for expansion of awareness.

    Thank you Gnostica for inviting me through Spiritual Networks, to read your article and to look within myself for responses to it.
    Much love and light to you, Derek

  3. Damien says:

    Letting go of judgement is key imo. The choices we make whether it is to like something or not, a colour, a temperature or a place causes us to see ourselves as separate from that which we choose against. Ending judgement brings acceptance, acceptance that we are one, at-one-ment.
    Being spiritual or at one is our natural state, the spiritual journey is our return to all. The end of illusory separation, the singularity. Life is all about the journey, the destination completes the circle.
    Namaste 🙂

  4. Elizabeth2294 says:

    Good reading keep bringing it in!.

  5. Elizabeth2294 says:

    Very interesting reading. Enjoying this information very much. Thank you.

  6. Lou says:

    I was found dead of a cardiac arrest at work and went between 28 and 43 minutes with no air or a heartbeat back in 2011. I was to be a vegetable living in someone’s care and a this and that but i am against all odds living independently, followed by professionals wondering how i am able to do anything at all. spending that time on the other side allowed me to learn what i could never learn here in two lifetimes lol. I really enjoyed your view on our spirituality. My spirituality is what allows me to function the way i do each and every day, :P)

  7. Jason Lee says:

    I’ve been using a mantra for a couple years now and they have helped me find happiness. I am happy, I am healthy, I am wealthy. Namaste!

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