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The deconstruction of Daily Reality – 5 Planets turn retrograde on 28 April

planets in retrograde


Only a brief mention of what will be the main topic of the next Bulletin (17 / 24.04.2016). Within a very short time we will be inside an astrological phase when 5 planets will be in retrograde motion in respect to the orbit around the Sun, which is a delicate phase of life where not DO but try to BE, not REACT but take yourself to be free to choose to ACT.


Apart from the well-established positions of Jupiter and Saturn, Mars in Sagittarius was added on April 18, but what interests us and that will highlight here is that on April 19 Pluto went retrograde in Capricorn and Mercury in Taurus will follow suit on 28 April.


So we find ourselves from April 29 to May 9, within ten days where the power of the three Earth signs, those Members of the rooting and the construction, both inner and outer, will be halved, so that the advances toward a next data point actually become a step back in time so to go to recover all the nodes that have

zodiac earth signs

zodiac earth signs

caught our forces and the energy flows in a time when we have experienced a trauma or unpleasant experience of any kind. From that moment on, the life has changed, and its construction did not follow the traces of the Primal Design with which we were born, making us often “spin freely”.


As early as January 9 Jupiter in Virgo is making us to clean up in so many ways, economically, physically (raise your hand if you are not severely affected by the transit in the body), at the level of doubt and uncertainty, until 09 May. With the entry of Pluto in retrograde in Capricorn from April 19 until September 26, the situation becomes even more intense in digging into the past, into the responsibility or irresponsibility.


Then, when Mercury will retrograde in Taurus, then what will be investigated is the strength or stability of our lives. If we have reached a point where our foundations reveal themselves as shaky, will also be necessary in this case to go back to the point where we made a fundamental choice that is now proving to be tight. Especially if it has taken us away from the pleasure of Life (the values of the Taurus) and now asks forcefully to come under consideration.


We are renovating the present through a healing of the past. It is like rewriting our story, a cure at the quantum level to allow us to get in touch with the energy of life that finally returns to flow within us.

Rebuild your life

Rebuild your life

If you see that the usual methods are not working, do not panic, but switch to a mode of observation if possible. Abandon the resistance to change and if you feel frightened, know that it is a phase of transition to the discovery of our true resources.


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2 Responses

  1. New times have come with now with 5 planets turn retrograding on 28 April . We must learn from our past if we want to evolve and become what we have dreamt to be. I mean now you have a chance to see what you have done in the past, a chance to change the person you are with the person that you want to become. In this days our third eye will be start to open more and you will see very clearly what you have to do. Trust me when I say that you are now what you are because of your beliefs and your decisions that you took in the past. Try to understand what have you become, just stay and think for a second. It’s true that there are a lot of dreams that they did not come true? Yes is true 🙁 Why? Well, because our decisions and our beliefs, because of what we are now. And now we have an opportunity to learn more about ourselves . about what we can be , about how powerful is the human psychic. By learning about our self we will have the power to change our self and make miracles in our lives, what is more important than this? When Mercury will retrograde in Taurus your psychic will reach maximum point of weaknees . The fact that those planets that turn retrograde on 28 April will influence your spiritual powers that lay dormant in your subconscience.

    ” The vast majority of people in the world are content to live passively, do what they are told, and ultimately believe what and how the people around them believe. These people are content to be sheep.” -David Debold the author of Miracle Mastery, one of the best guide to unlock your true humans powers.

  2. Tamara says:

    I wish that I could more clearly understand and how it relates to my life directly , with no intention in my asking, with subliminal meaning and or unconscious creating that would negatively affect my life; simply for asking . I would definitely like to create the desired miracles in my life to manifest now , in ways that are harmonious with my higher Divine will and consciousness

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