Cats Are Empathetic Too and Help Us Heal

Cats Are Empathetic Too and Help Us Heal

cats-are-empathetic-and-help-us-to-healAs claimed by the Egyptians, the cat appears to see the spirits of the dead … and much more.

Anyone who has a cat, usually sleepy and lazy, has noticed that it sometimes looks up, even blowing furiously, towards something that the owner does not see.

The ability that cats have, for example, to be able to see that particular phenomenon that consists of the orbs, balls of energy appearing in photographs taken with digital cameras or with more sensitive film, is easily demonstrated and verifiable. Indeed, there are several photos showing the cat observing with curiosity and interest in the direction of the Orbs spheres, invisible to man.

Cat watches Orb

Cat watches Orb

How is it possible? In the specific case of Orbs, if it were an optical defect due to dust, as some scientists suggest, how could the cat show interest or fear for a simple speck of dust? If, however, they were different entities, not necessarily spirits, but only energy, then the special cat ability to sense vibrations and frequencies unknown to man, could be explained in scientific terms.

The particular  sensitivity would allow cats to see objects and phenomena that the human senses, not particularly developed, cannot perceive.

Just because scientists do not have the tools to observe a phenomenon, it does not mean it does not exist.


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Cats appear to possess a range of specific skills, such as, empathy. Who owns a cat, has certainly experienced the phenomenon whereby when you’re not well, our friend somehow “feels” it and tries to transmit energy to the diseased part. A stomach ache, an intestinal disorder … that’s where our cat curls up on, giving us a warmth and a feeling of incredible well-being.

Hartmann Nodes

Hartmann Nodes

No coincidence that today we are using this empathy for the famous Pet Therapy, which successfully cure various ailments also psychic. It is not the only power available to our four-legged wonder: unique among animals, the cat tries to sleep on the so-called Hartmann Nodes, like those particular intersections of the Earth’s magnetic field lines, which envelop the entire planet regular intervals.
If a man stayed long over one of these nodes, would have a feeling of fatigue: it is not so for the cat, which seems contrary to relax over these nodes avoided by all other animals. Because? This perception of magnetism is known in many animals, such as migratory birds. But the cat does more, it is as if it was in connection with the Dark Energy that permeates the entire Universe.


Is this is the secret of cats? Is this warmth healing that they transmit us when we are sick? If we think that this energy – theorized and demonstrated through mathematical calculations, but not yet spotted because the aforementioned sensory deficit in human beings – is related to the ancestral magic rituals related to the concept of the Mother Goddess, it explains how the Egyptians had been able to deify the cat, as an exponent of the same ground universal female deity.


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But in all this, what are the practical consequences?

On the one hand, you consider the cat as an evolved, intelligent and sensitive, perhaps even more than the man on an emotional level. For this reason it is necessary to treat it in an ever respectful behavior, however, that you should keep with all living beings. And to observe its nuances and learn to perceive the subtle worlds, invisible dimensions that surround us.

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2 Responses

  1. I know the cats are. Have had a few. But one of them a wonderful boy cat also showed me that what I was thinking about in 2011 and beginning of 2012. (That we all can travel as lightbeeings/energibeeings outside are body. And be 2 places at least at the same time.)
    One day he was sitting outside my bathroom, I was in my bathroom, when he suddenly or rather his lightbeeing walked in to the bathroom and stod just in front of me, while his physical body still was sitting in the kitchen.
    He healed me a lot. Another one a beautiful girl cat she used to be helping when I had someone here that wanted healing. She was laying on their feet or she would stay on the bench before they came. Working the energies. She also worked on my stomach.
    So yes cats are without a doubdt empaths and healers. If we allow them to be and to come close to us. <3

  2. Cara Hartley says:

    One of my cats had feline leukemia. When he passed away, one of the other cats hissed. I think she saw his spirit leaving his body and it startled her.

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