Discover What Kind Of Energy Do You Have - TEST

Discover What Kind Of Energy Do You Have – TEST

Discover What Kind Of Energy Do You Have - TEST

Our bodies are ruled by a Life Energy that we present to the World. Which Energy inhabits within you? Find out with this interesting test

What type of energy do you carry?

People With Divine Energy:

The energy you carry is warm and has a very understanding glow about you. You care deeply for others and are one of the most down to earth people this planet has ever seen before.

You willingly give people your advice, love, wisdom, guidance, and anything else you can give in order for them to have a prosperous life.

Not everyone has this amazing kind of energy, just make sure you are using yours for a good purpose!


People With Psychic Energy:

There is something else to you that not everyone is so sure of. You’re somewhat of a mystery to people as you effortlessly live your life in this interesting limbo.

Following your gut instincts, you do what you think is best not only for yourself but for your loved ones as well.

There is a power deep within you that you are still trying to figure out; you are constantly seeking out answers for the unknown.

Continue to follow your dreams as you gracefully go about your business.


People With Radiant Energy:

You are essentially what it means to be a positive person. Every bit of advice that you give to people are words of wisdom that we should all follow.

You understand things on an entirely different level which allows you to be so positive in the first place.

Even though this world gives us a variety of challenges to overcome, you are there to motivate us all to our endgame goals as well as going above and beyond whatever is in our way.

People need your energy as if it were a drug. Never stop being so positive!

Created by: Stephanie Stevens

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1 Response

  1. Ona Nee says:

    I have realized the potential of my supernatural side. People have most of the time, come to me for guidance understanding & emotional support based on trust. Motivation doesn’t always need a driving force or purpose behind it. Altho, when an opportunity arises for guidance, the teacher always appears and I get stoked! Music has been and still is a major motivating force to get me charged. It’s been an ongoing process with going with the flow and gut instincts, to continue to trust myself from within, that where I am is exactly where I need to be. I have always sensed things most of the time before they happen either through visions, dreams and while awake, I am able to feel very deeply. Able to pick up on what an individual(s) vibe without immediate communication. In Conclusion, this ‘third sight’ can not ever be lost. It continues to deepen and increase. This was very validating! Thank you <3

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