This is Why Every 7 Years Our Life Course Changes!

This is Why Every 7 Years Our Life Course Changes!

life-changes-7-yearsEvery seven years all the cells of our body are renewed.

 At the end of the 7th year, everything has changed in us, just as the seasons change. The line of life begins at birth and ends with death. After 70 years, the circle is closed. That circle is divided into 10 parts.

1st Cycle (0-7 Years)

During the first 7 years, the child is focused on himself, as if it were the center of the world. The whole family revolves around ready to satisfy his every desire and if he does not, the child throws a tantrum, falls prey to anger. In its first seven years, the child is a perfect egoist.

He lives in a state of “masturbation” completely satisfied with itself. It doesn’t need anything else: it feels complete.

2nd Cycle (7-14 Years)

After 7 years, there is a change: it is no longer concentrated on itself and moves towards others, posing a lot of questions. Bores his parents to death, becomes a living torment because it becomes more and more a philosopher, a skeptic researcher who wants to penetrate into things. It destroys a toy because he wants to see how it works; kills a butterfly to see how it is made inside.

His interest is directed on others but only on those of the same-sex. Psychologists call this the second seven-year “homosexual” stage.

3rd Cycle (14-21 Years)

After 14 years of age, opens a new door: the interest in the opposite sex. This is the period of heterosexuality. Sexuality is mature, the boy / girl begins to think about sex, and in its dreams are dominated by sexual fantasies. There begins the courtship, making its entrance into the world.

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4th Cycle (21-28 Years)

Starting from the 21st year, if everything has evolved to normal, the young man/woman begins to take an interest in more ambitious goals and a little less on love. Wants material goods, success. it manifests the ambition, how to compete and fight to make a career.

His whole being is attracted by power, prestige, and on how to obtain them.

5th Cycle (28-35)

At about 28 years, we understand that we cannot get everything we want. We realize that many of our desires are impossible and will start to focus on the possibility of opening another door. We’ll focus on the comfort and security rather than on adventure and ambition. At 28 ends the life of a “carefree”.

Now is the age at which you become framed. It is thought to open the bank account, to take home, to take out insurance, well, we think about settling down.

6th Cycle (35-42 Years)

At 35 the life energy reaches the point Omega: half of the circle of life is complete. From this moment begins the energy decline. Now we are interested not only the safety and convenience, but we also become conformists. What can destabilize or disrupt our lives becomes taboo.

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As of now, we become part of the conventional world: we begin to believe in traditions, in the past, in religion. Now the rules don’t scare us anymore, order and discipline become part of our world.

7th Cycle (42-49 Years)

Starting from 42, begin the physical and mental disorders. The decline begins. This is the most dangerous age, one that undermines. The hair turns gray, they begin to fall, the skin gives way under the force of gravity.

Around 42 years we will begin to devote seriously to religion. We feel the need to believe in something supreme and meditate.

8th Cycle (49-56 Years)

At 49 begins the sexual decline and with it all the guilt that comes with it. Society puts a lot of pressure since it requires an active sexual role and a man begins to feel guilty or to blame the partner because it does not have all the reports that society “says” it should have.

9th Cycle (56-63 Years)

At 56 years and we start to lose interest in the others, to the formalities and the company. It begins the gradual process towards the Sannyasin, or the quest for truth. Begins the climb to the concentration on ourselves, which comes to a head in 63 years. Now we are like children. We only think of ourselves.

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We enter the inner life, just as in childhood, but enriched in knowledge, maturity and able to understand. It’s also the time when we are preparing to death internally. Which is not to wait to die, but be ready to die with calm and serenity, knowing that they had come to the world to learn from others and from ourselves.

10th Cycle – The final one.

At age 70 we should be prepared. If life has followed a natural pattern, before death, just nine months before, we will become aware that death is coming. As well as the fetus took nine months to see the light, so you will become – nine months before – aware of death: now it enters back into the uterus, the one inside us.

The Indians call it “Garbha” and is obviously symbolic. Our emplacement and our inner receptacle, home to our inner God, since forever.

This natural process, is the cycle of life!


Taken from: “Maturity” Osho Source: cycles-seven-year-of-life /

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2 Responses

  1. I disagree – A human cell can divide roughly 50 times before it dies out. It’s called the Hayflick limit, as long as the limit holds, it suggests a maximum human lifespan of 120 years — but a new crop of research suggests the limit may not be as hard as we thought. Under lab conditions, mouse cells can keep dividing forever, while other animal cells only require smaller quantities of oxygen to keep dividing beyond their Hayflick limit. Another hopeful trend involves telomeres, the shortening DNA sequence once thought to represent humanity’s biological clock. Recent studies indicated that telomere’s aren’t as important in aging as we thought, and can be rebuilt with the right enzymes. That’s not a silver bullet, but it’s reason to believe the 120-year limit isn’t as hard and fast as scientists previously thought.

  2. Anna says:

    I think it is a very simplistic way to look at the different age and changes. I agree that every 7 years change is coming but if in that form and order, I have to doubt it. Individuals are different and they grow up in a very different forms and circumstances, so the timeline can be off as well . Life is not a RULE BOOK . Yes, the body go through changes and you can’t do certain things at age 55 that you did at age 2o, no matter, how you might like to think that. This I accept as a certain guideline, but even within that they are some faults. For example the age between 7-14 is not really true for me since I didn’t just solely concentrated on my gender, regardless I had more “girlfriends” to talk to, but from grade 5 which is age 10-11, I started to like boys and was not really interested in the “same gender”. Age 21-28 “more ambitious goals and a little less on love.”…well, hardly…..both were important to me…So these are just examples…..Maybe the “guide” is more prompt about thoughts and feeling regarding older age, but then how many times you hear of divorces after age 50 – 60 nowadays, because people just deceive themselves much more often for various reason(not necessarily a smart move, mind you) . Nowadays people are a bit screwed up , so this guide probably worked in earlier times but nowadays their is just too much freedom that people get back to their 0-7 year old (as you might say) “narcisstic or egoist tendencies more often at any age. So, as I said a vague description of the certain age group is probably right, but anything in between is wrong.

What do you think?