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Which diet is right for spiritual growth?

We will start with the answer:

Any diet is appropriate for spiritual growth.

This topic contains a lot of information, many misconceptions, much speculation and too many extremes.
In this article will expose the logic of GOSTICA regarding nutrition and spiritual path.

let’s start from here…

Best diets appropriate for spiritual growth are as many as the number of the people on this planet. Why? Because what will be best for the body one person could be unacceptable for the body of the other one. We look-alike, but we are also very different -I can eat eggs- you get sick of them; I like to eat peppers- you don’t, and so on and so on…..What can be concluded from this? Eat whatever you like and what your body says, because what is best for me is not the same for you.

Now little about meat-eating, vegetarianism and veganism

The last time I saw my teeth in the mirror, I was still with my canine teeth- what a surprise! 😀

Which diet is right for spiritual growth?

Which diet is right for spiritual growth?

Am I evolved to the point of no need of animal fat in my diet, or I am like our brothers and sisters from the paleolithic age? I think the second. Why? because of my teeth, of my body and my hormonal reaction when I consume meat. BUT! There are people who did this evolution jump and don’t like meat, don’t need it and so on. I am just not one of them and I can continue to live my life with that though. Why should we judge ourselves for that meat-eating? My body needs this and it is normal as it is with not meat-eating. We know that the meat is with heavy vibration and it is variety of meat types more light ( white meats, fish, and others…) and more heavy red meats. So even here what will be best for me, will be maybe different for you. 🙂

Vegetarianism and Veganism- I don’t understand one little something

If this diet ways are better for our body, why should take pills like Omega3 and B12 ? It is scientifically proved that if vegans and vegetarians don’t take them, will have a higher risk of heart diseases ( heart attack too) and diseases of the nervous system including sad moods, depressions and more… So? So no thanks ( for me)! But there are people who don’t have this problems.

Well…. Congratulations for your vegan evolution, friends! I prefer to stay in the cave 😀 😉

Which diet is right for spiritual growth

Which diet is right for spiritual growth

About the spiritual growth and the food GOSTICA things that some people need meat in their diet, because of their high vibrations. In this case, the meat will help them to stay more grounded to the Planet Earth. Others maybe don’t need meat in their diet, because of their too grounded vibrations- in this case, they will need more light food- vegan, or vegetarion nutrition. But just don’t stay limited in these types of meals. After all we have to remember the spiritual truth for our existence- we are light and love … this is our bodies of Divine energy. But to exist here, on the planet Earth and to transmit Divine love and light to our brothers and sisters in this material world, we need Earth energy that we can take from food. So just listen your body. It will tell you what is th best way of Spiritual diet plan for you. Just remember that the information that you will get from your body will be ONLY FOR YOU and for no one else. So simple, right?

How can we forget about this little, logical diet details…

Which diet is right for spiritual growth?

Which diet is right for spiritual growth?

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7 Responses

  1. It’s a lot of BS stuff. The writer is perhaps trying to be a bit good to this as well as that! If meat was so good fit one’s spiritual growth, then how come all those spiritually evolved gurus always recommended leafy meals? And if meat was so kind of ‘grounding’, then how come when you are so near to being GROUNDED for good (in case of contacting certain diseases like Cancer etc; your docs ask you to refrain from consuming any kind of meats or non veg?! Also this is another ‘myth’ that people who don’t eat meats are anyway less than those who do; whether in terms of vitamins or proteins! Foods like such of Spirulina and Kale etc make up for any thing that might be amiss in case of one’s being a pure vegan or vegetarian. It only takes how much one knows about the facts from fiction!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I don’t even know why this is still an argument. The things us humans put animals through is unspeakable of! Look at carnivorous or omnivorous
    animals, and you’ll immediately see that we’re certainly not either of them. Even inside our bodies is different. Unless you can hunt down and eat the animal as it is, (eat it raw) you shouldn’t eat these innocent creatures at all!

  3. Jordan Bower says:

    This article is so ignorant it’s scary. Honestly, I’ve LOVED everything I’ve read from this site and thought I had genuinely find my favorite spiritual information site ever! But now I’m sad because they published an article like this, and there’s no way any truly spiritually evolved person, who actually has a divine connection to our universe, could hold these views. Eat meat, eat whatever you want, I have no judgement. That’s what humans do. The closer you are to your humanity, that’s what you’ll want to do. The closer you are to your divinity, and the craving fades until it becomes repulsion. Whoever wrote this article clearly has a very low vibration and is in some major denial! The LAST thing anyone with a high vibration is going to do is disrupt it with animal products! LOL!

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