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5 Easy Steps to Start Seeing The Aura

To see better the aura you should observe the object or person on a neutral background, preferably white. The aura can not be observed on a black background.   Step 1 Start with inanimate...

How psychic are you - Test 4

How Psychic Are You? – Test

If you ever experienced strange situations in your life without the ability to explain them, than this is the right test for you. Do you posses some special psychic abilities or you are just...

Black Aura People 9

Black Aura People

Black Aura People are intelligent and energetic. They are communicative, organized, ambitious and love to surround themselves with other people, wealth and luxury. They express the belief that every human being should live in...

People with Pink Aura 3

Pink Aura People

Pink aura people are mentally free to explore new opportunities, concepts and realities. Their minds are functioning without any restrictions. Whatever you imagine is possible and real. This unique capability allows them to produce new,...

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Violet Aura People

The violet aura people have knowledge and intuition. They have the physical strength and resources necessary to make changes in their own lives and in the lives of people. Violet individuals combine the qualities of...

Blue Aura People 0

Blue Aura People

Blue aura people are the most caring, supportive and protective personalities in the color spectrum. They live by the hearts and emotions. The purpose of their life is to serve and love others. They...

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Green Aura People

Green aura individuals are balanced, harmonious and peaceful people. They need harmony in their lives and prefer to live in a natural environment. They are the most balanced in the color spectrum. They have...

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Yellow Aura People

Yellow aura personalities are the sunniest, happiest and most childish people in the color spectrum of the auras. All they need is to have fun. These playful people have a wonderful sense of humor....