4 Zodiac Signs Who Will Feel The Effects Of The Full Harvest Moon The Least


The September full moon will rise in the sky on September 24, at 10:52 p.m. ET. Nicknamed the Harvest Moon for the gathering season in which it is synced with, this month’s full moon represents a bountiful time, both physically and spiritually.

Certain zodiac signs will be powerfully affected by the energy and presence of the Harvest Moon, like Aries, and should buckle up for a transformative experience. That said, the zodiac signs that the Harvest Moon will affect the least will still have a job to do.

Signs that are not directly affected by autumn’s first full moon will have to be there for their friends and family a bit more than usual. This will be a great opportunity to show your support and be a good listener and return the favor to the people who you typically call upon for love and support.

Bustle talked to astrologer Lisa Stardust about which signs can expect to be the least directly burdened or inspired by this year’s Harvest Moon and she offered some insight into how these signs might experience the lunar event in their own way.

That said, Stardust reminds us to that no matter what your zodiac sign is, the full moon is always a great opportunity to look back on the month behind and look forward to the month ahead and put energy towards your relationship with yourself.

So if you want to have a big Harvest Moon experience, all you have to do is lean into it and open yourself up for honest reflection. Here are a few signs that Stardust predicts will have a pretty mellow experience during the Harvest Moon:



According to Stardust, the Harvest Full moon is not going to create any extra drama in your life, but you might notice that your friends are calling upon you for guidance in their own quarrels.

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“While you won’t feel the effects directly, you will have to give your energy to help heal your crew,” Stardust predicts. So make sure you put your energy to good use and help your friends out however you can.



According to Stardust, “your faith has been tested lately. However, you will regain your belief and faith in others under this full moon, which will elevate you to new heights.”

So don’t give up and look for signs of newfound hope. It may come to you in a way that you least expect it, so pay attention to everything.



Stardust tells Bustle that “matters of the heart and creativity take center stage.” This increased focus on the heart might conjure an epic early fall romance.

Stardust goes on to say that if you lean into this love, it will take you on a lot of romantic adventures this fall. Welcome to cuffing season, Sags.



Stardust knows that Aquariuses are lovers of freedom, so if the Harvest Moon inspires them to disconnect, they should go with the flow and unplug.

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Taking some time alone and away from the world will serve as a seriously transformative and rehabilitative experience that will help you move into the next season with a clearer mind, greater focus and more peaceful heart.


Source: Bustle


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