Astrological Signs Perfectly Described By The One Verb

Astrological-Signs-Perfectly-Described-By-The-One-Verb-That-Defines-Them.jpgEach of us carries dominant energy or power, whether we like it or not. Through meditation, we can become aware of the energy within ourselves so that we can restore our energy balance.

Take a look at what verb best defines your sign. Then, explore in order to determine if it is a positive or negative aspect of your personality. We can all become better versions of ourselves if we accept our uniqueness, if we become aware of our triggers, and if we focus our attention on our intention.


Aries: ‘Defend’

Some people may call you aggressive, but I would say that you only want to protect everything and everyone around you. Like Virgo, you don’t feel complete until you actively help others or solve their problems.

If a knight could be one of the zodiac signs, it would be you.


Leo: ‘Seduce’

There is a reason why most actors are Leos and this is because they are masters at winning over everyone around them.

You are not yourself until you are sure you convinced everyone that you are impeccable human being and frankly, it’s good for you to have such confidence at all levels.


Sagittarius: ‘Move’

I know it will be hard for you to stop fidgeting and wiggling on social networks, at least for a moment, as I’m saying that you never stop moving.

Even in relationships, to Sagittarius it is hard to decide on anything – whether it’s about things like a movie, games on the computer, or anything else, because they are always thinking that they may miss something and not live life to the full.

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And then you go out to meet five new people and have fun with them.


Taurus: ‘Direct’

If you are not telling everyone around where your boundaries are, or how wrong or right they are, then you are probably sleeping.

You don’t have time for trivial chatting, so you are very clear and concise in conversation.


Virgo: ‘Work’

What else could you do? Could you be doing anything else at the moment? If you are a Virgo, I must have caused you a small panic attack.

You are simply most productive of all the signs of Zodiac and you are not happy if you are not occupied with something.


Capricorn: ‘Climb’

You are always looking for the next challenge – the next mountain to climb, the next level to complete.

To you mediocrity is boring and you will not stop until you reach the top. That’s why sometimes you can be too competitive.


Gemini: ‘Change’

At one moment, you are a fluffy kitten who just wants to have fun, and the next you’re angry tiger which will tear out the door because someone didn’t take him seriously.

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No one really knows what to expect from you because you are so changeable. You’re in fact just a lottery of emotions and random ideas that can pop up anytime.


Libra: ‘Balance’

You’re trying to be good at everything because you are obviously aware of your flaws. For example, you can be an excellent mechanic, but a bad driver or a great lover, but a bad romantic partner.

You are not especially gifted in finding the balance, but it is sure that you are focused on it. You know that you can’t be good at everything, but you are trying.


Aquarius: ‘Soften’

You are truly caring and sensitive. Without much effort, you make things look more comfortable.

The ideal world for you is the one in which everyone finds the good in each other and ends up with his soul mate. Your vibration is definitely the best.


Cancer: ‘Nest’

You like to build a home in all aspects of your life. Stability and commitment are your two key sources.

Family life, relationships, career – you made a plan related to all of these areas and you stick to that plan.


Scorpio: ‘Plan’

The wheels are always turning. Your mind is a labyrinth in which no one may enter. You are always thinking three steps ahead and you are happiest when you are winning.

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And yes, you are planning your score throughout the game.


Pisces: ‘Feel’

You are emotional and very compassionate.

You feel things even before you realize what you are feeling and that is why communication with you becomes almost impossible at times.


Source: moon-child


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