Intuitive Astrology: Virgo Season 2019

virgo season

The Sun moves out of fiery Leo into the earth sign of Virgo on August 23rd, where it will remain until the September 23rd Equinox.

The Sun loves being in Leo and all through Leo season, we have been able to receive the full power of the Sun. The Sun represents the core of who we are. It is our self-esteem, our self-confidence, and what makes us feel the most like ourselves.

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Under the Leo Sun, we have all had the opportunity to get to know ourselves better and to feel proud and confident in our skin.

Now the Sun is departing its ruling sign of Leo and moving into the sign of the virgin.

The symbolism behind the virgin has largely been misunderstood. When Virgo was named the sign of the virgin the word had a very different meaning.

Back in ancient times, being a virgin had nothing to do with sexual experience and was more about being whole in oneself. It represented this idea of belonging to yourself and not having to be accountable or in alliance with another.

In Ancient Greek mythology and before patriarchal religions were practiced, there were virgin goddesses liked Virgo, who carried out sacred duties. They didn’t need to partner up with another and they definitely didn’t fit the contemporary definition of the word “virgin.”

So, when we think about the symbol for Virgo being the virgin, we have to remember that is it about feeling whole and complete in yourself. It represents the freedom that comes when you feel confident and grounded in who you are and where you are heading.

After dancing under the Leo Sun, the Virgin knows who she is. She knows what she must do, she knows her strengths, her weaknesses, and her power, and she is sent to deliver them to us as the Sun moves through her.

We don’t need another person to make us whole, we don’t need more things, more money, more stuff, more success, instead we just need to know ourselves, love ourselves, and remember that everything we need already lives inside.

Under the Virgo Sun, ask yourself- What can I do to return to my wholeness? What can I do to feel more complete and whole within myself?

You may also have to ask yourself what things are not supporting your wholeness and see where changes need to be made.

You are whole and perfect just as you are, and the moment you start believing that, your life will start reflecting it too.

The Sun leaves Virgo on the Equinox where it moves into Libra, signaling a turning point in the astrological year and the start of either Spring or Autumn.

As the Sun moves through Virgo, this is our last chance to work with the energies of the Summer/Winter period we are in. We may feel the need to wrap up projects, get our routines in order, or perhaps pay more attention to our health and well-being.

As the Equinox approaches, we may also start feeling a need to accomplish more or get more done before the calendar year is through.

If you are looking to start or finish off a project, know that the Virgo Sun will lend its support by giving you the right work ethic and attention to detail to get the job done.

One thing we have to be mindful of under Virgo energy is to not be so hard or critical of ourselves. We need to remember that striving for perfection can sometimes be our own worst enemy and can block us from taking action.

Virgo also rules over the digestive system, so we may have to pay attention to the food we are eating and how our body is responding to it. We may also have to think on about our digestion on an energetic level too.

What emotions or changes are we having a hard time digesting? What do we need to detoxify and release? What do we need to start bringing into our lives in order to gain more “nutrients”?

While we will all be living under the Virgo Sun, each of us will feel the energies differently depending on where we are at in our lives, so stay open to what calls to you during this Season.

During Virgo Season 2019, we also have the fated meeting of Venus and Mars which peaks on August 24th. Venus and Mars aligning is a rare event and will send beams of heightened creativity to Earth.

Venus and Mars are the two cosmic lovers and typically their meeting helps to activate soulmate and twin flame contracts, but as they align this year under Virgo, we also have to remember the symbolism of the virgin.

We are whole within ourselves, and while it is great to have a soulmate or twin flame, it still doesn’t change the importance of finding a sense of independence and completion in oneself.

Virgo Season 2019 also brings Saturn moving direct on September 18th, which will be aiding us in our efforts to get grounded and to work on completing those projects before the year’s end.

So, as we move through Virgo Season 2019, think about returning to wholeness. Think about how you can embody the virgin, this strong, independent, forward-thinker that knows it is powerful, that knows it can do anything.

Would you like support moving through Virgo Season? Check out this great Virgo Workbook by the Allma Project designed to guide you through the energies.

This article was originally published by Forever Conscious.


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