This is How the August 21 Solar Eclipse Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

This is How the August 21 Solar Eclipse Will Affect Your Zodiac SignAstrological Predictions for Virgo:

I consider those born under the sign of Virgo to be lucky with this eclipse. Some of you might not even feel it, and just see in your life the formation of a steady growth in your financials. In some cases steady won’t mean slow at all.

Those of you who were born the first few days of the sign – not even the whole first decan – may have to deal with some extra stress, but no more than that.

If you are engaged in spiritual activities or studies, then you will probably face some … commotion there. A change in your beliefs or practices, a change in your school or teachers and things like those are possible.

Once again though, this would be for the best, so other than the extra stress it may create for the moment, there is nothing to worry about even there.


Astrological Predictions for Libra:

Although this eclipse is rather unlikely to create a serious damage in your lives, it won’t be any easy on you. Your relationships with your friends is the main focus. All short of problems can occur, and old and buried problems may resurface.

This will eventually heal the good founded friendships, but can destroy the rest. Or at the very least make them more distant. If you have kids, they may experience similar situations.

The same – and more probable – if they are of the sign of Libra. Marriage also may have some problems, or even more than some. And once again, the same goes for your kids, if they are old enough.

Other than that, computers and the like, as well as your internet activity, need some extra attention. Damages, viruses, errors, misplaced posts and everything of the kind can happen. Be extra cautious. Backup your important data.


Astrological Predictions for Scorpio:

This eclipse will be mostly focused on your job and career. Changes can happen there. Great ones as well. In some cases these changes will be good ones, in some cases bad ones. In both cases unsettling ones.

Your way of living is changing because of this changes. Your bosses, supervisors and whoever has power over your career may have to deal with problems, and this reflects on your career. Also a change of a supervisor is possible.

Other than that, your electronic equipment and your internet activity need some extra attention. Your friendships also need your attention this period, but in most cases not because of problems raising in them, but because of problems in your friend’s lives.


Astrological Predictions for Sagittarius:

Travelling, and especially long distance travelling is never advised during the eclipse, and in your case even more so, as the eclipse affects directly this aspect of your life. The worst thing is that as the energies are focused there, you may wish to travel or forced to travel.

Try to schedule your actual journey as far as possible from the eclipse, if you can’t avoid it for the whole period of it. Be extra careful when driving and be prepared for every possible problem during your journeys.

Your philosophy is challenged too. You may be forced to change the way you see things and life. Are you a student? Then this aspect may materialise in a more mundane way by a change of the subject of studying, the school, the schedule or something of the kind. Same thing can happen for those self-studying on their interests.


Astrological Predictions for Capricorn:

Financials are affected directly and indirectly. Mostly in a difficult way. The indirect way will be through financial changes in the lives of your loved ones. Lover or spouse most likely. Some changes will happen in the work area, especially if you run your own company.

Relations with your partners, important co-workers or important clients can be problematic during this period. Don’t make haste into a correcting action.

Think twice before you act. Spiritual and no spiritual studies are affected too. Changes of all kinds can happen in this area. Some by choice, some by force.

Since before the previous eclipse I keep talking about interactions with the other planes and especially the plane of the dead and death. This aspect has calmed down for most of the zodiacs, but for you is revitalised by this eclipse. Expect such kind of interactions and experiences. Just to make things clear, I don’t mean you are going to die, of course.


Astrological Predictions for Aquarius:

Marriages or love affairs are tested by this eclipse. Heavily in some cases. All problems come in light and create a great deal of tension. Even more so because your spouse or lover has to deal with their own problems too.

They can be of financial or other nature. I’d advice you to be as calm and as patient as you can be. Harsh words are easy to be said, but not as easy to be forgotten.

As said for Capricorns, for you too this eclipse brings you closer to the other planes and especially the plain of death. This can happen willingly, unwillingly, through experiences or through thoughts and dreams. Whatever the case, savour the occurrence and be grateful for your existence.


Astrological Predictions for Pisces:

Health and work are mostly affected by this eclipse. Health not so heavily. There may be some problems, and maybe the fear of some serious problems, but in most cases nothing serious in fact. If you can reschedule operations and check-ups for after the 5th of September, do so.

In most cases, keep in mind that things look more serious than they are, and take a second opinion or check after the 5th of September. Even better, after 20th of September, the next New Moon.

Job changes can be minor or greater ones. They seem important to you. They can also be positive or negative. The skies promise a positive outcome in the long run, but don’t really determine how it will feel right now. Similar situations may happen for your kids.

Finally, some extra attention is needed in your love life, if you have a love or a spouse. Problems can appear or surface there, and possible break ups can also take place in relationships without strong foundations.


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