Full Moon & Blue Moon In Libra: Predictions for Each Zodiac Sign



Yes, there are strong healing energies that affect both traditional methods of healing and alternative ones. Meditative and hypnotic ways, as well as energy healing, receive a great support. Practicing on such techniques can give you good results, and also you can make progress on these. Learning new such techniques is also auspicious.

Doctors, healers, and similar professionals will have some good luck, too. Expansions of business are never recommended during a Retrograde Mercury and Jupiter, but if you are in this line of business and need to do this expansion now, at the very least do it before the 9th of the month.

Beautification also receives much support. Age reversing, weight reducing and similar ways of beautification are more supported than others. Magical and spiritual methods for this purpose are strong and promising the whole period.

Light mundane methods too. But if you intend to do a cosmetic surgery, research well prior deciding when and where to perform it. Muscle toning is supported, but muscle gain isn’t. In actuality, if you try to do the latter, be extra careful as the odds of accidents and the like are higher than usual.

Love life receives many energies. Healing energies for the whole period will be present, so healing problems in your love life and relationship are possible. It isn’t going to happen on its own, though, and difficulties will arise during the procedure.

If it’s done, the results will benefit you for a long time after, though. The Retrograde Mercury stressfully interacting with this influence makes communication and understanding difficult, so prepare yourselves, if you intend to co-work with your spouse or current love.

From the 9th of the month onwards, love life receives strengthening energies as well. But when I say “strengthening”, I don’t necessarily mean “supporting”. Whatever the situation, good or ill, they will magnify it.

They will also magnify your efforts or lack of those. This includes spiritual and magical efforts. So, if you are looking for a new relationship, do your best before the 9th of the month, for starting your activities afterward will be much more a difficult thing to do.

All forms of art receive beneficial influences. Creativity will be present, but it isn’t supported greatly. On the other hand, perfecting existing creations and skills, introducing yourself to a greater audience, advancing in your art in whatever way, all these receive much support. Selling your artistic works and skills receives both beneficial and stressful influences, so it’s possible, but not easy.

The magical arts will be strong and capable the whole time. Potions, philters, perfumes, talismans and the like will lose a little of their focus, but also a lot of their stress. From the 9th onwards the focus becomes again just as strong, but without bringing as much stress back.

So, the whole period is good for using such methods, and relatively good for charging such means before the 9th, but very good for the same purpose after the 9th of the month. Meditation, visualization, hypnosis and similar methods will be strong and capable the whole period.

Also, putting in order your daily life and routine are supported by the period. This includes work, as well. Great changes don’t receive support, but corrections do. If you want to advance, heal, correct and advance in small, certain steps.

Finally, Pluto, as we said, is extra active during this period, too. Not as stressfully as during the previous one, but still hyperactive. So, taking care of our mood and supporting ourselves is advisable.


Predictions for Aries:

The Sun and Mercury are still in your zodiac and very active. They also interact with Mars, the ruler of your zodiac. Venus has left your sign, but by doing that it starts beneficially interacting with Mars.

Thus, there still is enough focus of energies on you. The waning Moon period will be almost just as important as the waxing Moon, but now things are more harmonious and calm. Not really calm, but somewhat more.

There is less interest in what others think and say of you, but whenever you face a negative opinion, you take it more in heart than you should. On the other hand, now it’s easier to materialize your goals and dreams.

Money is much luckier even from the very day of the Blue Moon. This can help you in the procedure. Focus your efforts on work and career matters, but do not neglect taking good care of yourself. If you find the perfect balance there, the results will be wonderful.


Predictions for Taurus:

Venus, your zodiacs ruler, entering your sign is a good thing, of course. As it also stops being at odds with Pluto, your love planet, this will help your love life.

The sense of freedom, we’ve talked about in the New Moon’s article, is still an important parameter in your love affairs, but, in general, now there is less stress and more pleasure there. Probably some good luck, too.

These affect both existing relationships and those who search for one. If you belong to the latter group, make sure you start your hunting before the 9th of the month.

Freedom, in general, is the main issue of the period. Any lack of it probably affects you more than in the previous period. Don’t let this happen.

On the other hand, you are now more determined to express yourself and to follow your heart and dreams. Following this determination will give you great benefits. It won’t only make your daily life more satisfactory, but it will also make the years to come happier. So, do that.


Predictions for Gemini:

All your magical and psychic abilities are rather strong and capable during this waning Moon. Other than the general influences, money and business spells are very promising for you. As this is the waning Moon, banishing problems there is more advisable than creating the situations you desire.

All sources of joy and satisfaction, including money, are under the microscope. Good and bad situations and event will help you better realize what really matters to you. The more you work with yourself on that end, the less the unpleasant situations will be and the happier the period will be.

Social life can become a little too busy and stressful, now. Don’t let it overwhelm your days and thoughts, though.

I wouldn’t suggest avoiding it all together, as some of it can bring beneficial developments in your life, regardless the stress it may produce. Just make sure you secure some time for you, your thoughts and your desires.


Predictions for Cancer:

For those in a marriage or a relationship, things are getting better regarding their love life. The previous period presented you with some challenges. These challenges didn’t cause real problems in good relationships.

Instead, they helped them, at the end. Now, the period will be even more pleasant. Relationships with problems that survived the waxing Moon now will have it a little easier.

Good things happening in your life or the other party’s life can help reduce the tension. This is a good thing and enjoys it. If you haven’t solved the problems though, they will reappear. Probably as soon as after the 9th of the month.

Luck is not that strong for those seeking a relationship and even less so after the 9th of the month. But, meeting people is supported.

Do that. A relationship may come at a later time, from amongst those people, or their acquaintances or this socialization will help you find out how to better attract what you want.

Business and work matters are luckier this period, most of the time. Difficulties are lesser, while opportunities and good luck are greater. There are less stressful situations, but you probably experience the ones that are, more intensively. Control this tendency.


Predictions for Leo:

Work and career matters now seem to be more in order. Both your previous efforts and the changes in the circumstances will help with this. Things there are more pleasurable and luckier.

Successes can also come. Continuing taking care of this area of your life will be easier now. It is advisable, too, as the results will be long-lasting.

The rest of your daily routine life, though, can become a little more chaotic and stressful. Everything that restricts you, or keeps you away from what you want to do and be, can easily overwhelm you.

Don’t let this happen. Step forwards courageously. Changing the situations there can be difficult and, in some cases, unpleasant, but it’s something worth doing. Some things may be out of your control.

If so, deal with them as calmingly as possible, and don’t let them take over your life. Instead, however demanding these situations seem to be, make sure you offer some time to yourself, your needs and your dreams and wishes.


Predictions for Virgo:

Joy is still the main focus of the period and things seem, for the most of it, more joyful during the waning Moon period. This is probably mostly because of your efforts and because you allow yourself to enjoy your life more. This is a good thing, and it is something you should be doing.

The stress from your financials, friendships, and love affairs is less, now. Financials are more in order. In some cases, there is some progress there too. This is a good thing for anyone, even more for a zodiac of the Earth.

Nonetheless, whatever isn’t just as you would like it to be, financially and non-financially alike, can easily depress you. Keep your spirits high.

Consciously keep your focus on the good things and create more of them. Heal the negatives, where this can happen, or cut them off of your life, when this is necessary.


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