This is What Your Birth Animal Reveals About Your Personality


#7 July: Scorpion

Scorpion.pngPeople born in July are known to possess the traits of a scorpion.

If you were born in July, chances are that you carry a deadly sting with you or the killer instinct in human terms.

You are highly sensitive to the people and changes around you and you know how best to attack and when to retreat.

You are smart in a way which protects you and also makes you someone who is to be respected.

You are quite harmless when left alone and, more often than not, you mind your own business but you hate provocations and that’s when your killer instinct kicks in.

You kill with a sting. 


#8 August: Dragon

Dragon.pngPeople born in August are nothing, if not Dragons.

Wild, free and fierce, they have a fire in their bellies.

Creatures of myths, they have legends around them which signify their fearsomeness.

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If you were born in August, chances are that you too are a creature of fire and skies.

The aura that’s around you, comes out of this self-belief, which you possess, and the freedom of your soul is the freedom which the dragon personifies as it flies high among the clouds.

Loyalty is yet another dimension of a Dragon’s personality which you possess in abundance and once you have formed a bond with someone, it remains for life.

Not the one to shy away from challenges, the dragon in you is as real as the fire that burns in you.


#9 September: Leopard

Leopard.pngPeople born in September are masters of stealth.

If you were born in September chances are that you are very secretive and mysterious.

There’s nothing that escapes your sight and nothing that happens without you sensing it.

You are the kind of person who is extremely good at masking your emotions and staying true to who you really are.

You, like the leopard, are also highly resourceful and you find ways around problems to get what you wish.

If you want you can really be manipulative and deceptive but you know better than that and this is exactly what makes you powerful, the ability to harm but choosing not to.


#10 October: Lion

Lion.pngA true ruler, people born in October are natural born leaders.

Like a lion, you could be ferocious and raw but also playful and extremely loyal.

Your personality is an inspiration in more than one ways as you lead by example, protect with ferocity, fight with your heart and kill with extreme prejudice.

Courage is yet another aspect of your personality which holds you in good stead and inspires awe but the one thing that really makes you stand out is your primary personality which is simply majestic.


#11 November: Hawk

Hawk.pngA creature of the skies, freedom runs in your blood if you are a November born.

Sharp and smart, there’s rarely a thing that escapes your sight, rarely a thing that you miss and rarely an opportunity you let slide.

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On the one hand you nurture with the care of a mother but on the other hand, you can rip to pieces anyone who chooses to mess with you.

You are the kind of person who knows what true focus is and your concentration never waivers.

The most important aspect of your personality is your relentless pursuit of your dreams which let you fly high, beyond the reach of mere mortals.


#12 December: Bear

Bear.pngA bear is playful in its natural habitat but also a fearsome beast when in rage. People born in December share this quality with the bear.

If you were born in December, then you personify the raw nature of the bear, you signify the strength of the beast and you depict the primal nature of the animal which is as close to its true self as any.

The one aspect of your personality that truly stands out, like that of the bear, is the fact that you never attack if not provoked and so you know you can be destructive but you choose not to unleash the beast.

It’s your choice regarding how you choose to act is what makes you a bear, free, wild and elemental.


This is What Your Birth Animal Reveals About Your Personality 1






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