These Are Your Hidden Talents According To Your Zodiac Sign


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Creative minds, natural leaders, idealists and communicators, you Leos can rarely experience something without having a TED talk about it. You have style, a great sense of humour and a penchant for showmanship, storytelling and drama.

So you’re great presenters, persuaders and leaders. Your colleagues naturally gravitate toward you as water-cooler conversation is only cool when you’re around. You also have an ego the size of the Sun, your ruling planet, which means whatever you set your mind to, you will ensure you do it well.

Even with your multiple talents, do try to choose one. Because Leos have a respectable amount of braininess, you will inevitably be a leader in any chosen industry, from seemingly less brainy careers like modelling (we said, seemingly) to being a film director or an architect.

You’re also very generous and big hearted, so while you may have a fiery temper, you usually rise above conflict situations to be the bigger person. After all, you’re a royal, and you must sometimes let the common subjects win.

Common careers: actor, pop star, show host, novelist, leader/CEO, politician, fashion designer, entrepreneur, filmmaker, journalist

The flip: Many Leos respect art and the artistic communities but we don’t see many Leos in art. You also love history. You’re also driven by your interests, so if you admire something, you’ll be sure to learn from and about it, and finally – sharing it with people is the icing on the cake.

Unexpected careers: painter, sculptor, art or museum curator, historian, set designer, graffiti artist (is that you, Banksy?)



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You are precise and a perfectionist. Very detail-oriented, hard working, determined, you have a knack for the analytical.

You enjoy doing things that stimulate you intellectually. You can bring order into chaos and you’re a great organiser, always planning in advance.

You can seem aloof or unemotional at work, which may alienate some colleagues, but they just need to know that you can sometimes be reserved and don’t like public displays of emotion. Because you’re usually so down-to-earth, dependable and loyal, you’re a great team player.

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Common careers: accountant, statistician, medical researcher/doctor, scientist, media planner, financial adviser

The flip: However, though you detest unpredictability, routine can be boring for you. You also want your intelligence and skills to be put to good use and would rather have a job that requires innovation rather than predictability.

Unexpected careers: music producer, poet, nutritionist, inventor, sports scientist



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You do well in most easygoing environments; chaos gets you all stressed out. You’re also very diplomatic and can be quite chivalrous, even to the point of being heroic. You have tact and diplomacy, and a sense for justice.

You don’t like to be constricted in a cubicle job and enjoy being in the spotlight sometimes. Because of your natural charm, it’s easy for you to get yourself in the public eye. Librans are ruled by Venus which means you have a keen appreciation for beauty.

You have good taste and a natural eye for design, creative and even artistic work.

Common careers: painter, art dealer, makeup artist, architect, designer, diplomat, judge, counsellor, singer, musician/composer, performer.

The flip: Your appreciation for beauty extends to the performing arts, from music to dance. And being ruled by Venus, you are extremely vain, so many of you will be working on being body-beautiful, with some making that your career.

Unexpected careers: gymnasts, athletes, personal trainers, body-builders.




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Intuitive, resourceful, hardworking and determined, your general knowledge is off the charts.

You’re also very dedicated to your work, with good insight and intuition. Analytical thinking is your forte. Your complex and hidden nature helps you understand difficult mysteries as you can put yourself into the situation and play it out in your head.

We somehow don’t see you in fluffy jobs like being a makeup You Tuber or Baby Shower Planner.

Common careers: researcher, investigator, writer, journalist, scientist, forensic expert, actuarist

The flip: You can get intense at times, and may be stubborn or inflexible; you like having your way. This sees you striving for leadership roles versus being a small player. However, when you believe the cause is worthy you display great loyalty and confidence, which makes you an excellent team player.

Unexpected careers: C-Suite leader, NGO/social enterprise leader, surgeon, police officer, choirmaster, orchestra conductor.

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