Horoscope August 2017: What is August Bringing For Each Zodiac Sign

horoscope-augustThis is what the month of  August is expected to bring for each zodiac sign:

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ARIES – the month of creativity –

The creative aspect is felt all around, and by creativity, I mean the biological one. During this month there is a chance to plant the sowing and go to the status of new parents, if that’s what you are looking for. Or it may also mean, for those who are older with age, to become grandparents. Those who do not want to talk about children and grandchildren will perceive the need to express their own qualities, talents and personal talents in a creative way.

You will love what you will do, dedicating time to what you are passionate about and gives you joy, thereby increasing your energy and your good mood. It will be a month of easy falls, possible adventures, but also stories that could become important in the future.

TAURUS – the desire to love and be loved –

You will find good emotional stability in this period, though the squaring of the sun and the moon in the Leo’s mark forces that want you to make important “sentimental” decisions; Do you want to fall in love? Of course, it is not something that is controlled or commanded, but the predisposition of this one is, you can decide it yourself.

In both cases you are still right. Whether it’s “yes” to a relationship or a “no”, you will still experience deep emotions and become aware of being the creator of your happiness. You will feel an inner stimulation that will lead you to fall in love, to passionate yourself, if not to a person, surely towards life.

GEMINI – the awakening of strength –

An important month because it sees you increasingly determined in your new adventure. The good ability to know how to create the right boundaries, broaden and narrow them when necessary, to know what really matters to you; The presence and the attention you put in the things you do, also pays you back economically.

During this time you will have the strength to face every situation with the right attitude, even with the courage to assume the responsibilities that life requires you. You are becoming adults.

CANCER – honors to you –

It is the month that will recognize you for the value you possess and will crown you King or Queen of your new kingdom, making you feel stronger and more stable in dealing with situations that life puts you ahead.

Finally, you begin to see the results of so many sacrifices, so much suffering and so much effort that has been made in these months; Your health, both physical and psychological and emotional, will benefit you. Someone will start telling you: you were right, good job. What a nice satisfaction!

LEO – the month of recognition –

This is surely the most important period of the year for you. There is always a good energy during your month of birth, a great strength and determination to get everything you want.

You will understand that there are no limits to the realization of dreams, everything is possible and, thanks to the confidence you have found in these months and that will be your main weapon against those who fought you to the end, you will get what you want. Every once in a while some joy.


VIRGO – let it happen –

In this month you will be asked to give up control, a very strong element in your birth structure; You will let the mind become a tool, and not the master of your life.

There will finally be a trend reversal: the mind becomes the instrument of the heart; For you, this overrun of the parameters, could also make you experience a moment of personal crisis because you are no longer tuned in what you think and what you do. Let everything take shape and let it happen.


LIBRA – a re-established serenity –

You Libra, the sign always  seeking harmony everywhere, pursuing balance in all the forms that surround you, will finally find serenity and peace, as well as a good deal of detachment from those emotionally exhausting past experiences that have kept on conditioning your life.

You have been craving this because, as a balancing player, you are constantly looking for detachment from situations, pursuing the balance between one side and another, through an inner effort that makes you highly anxious! Now it will be better!


SCORPIO – the realization –

August will be a month of strong personal accomplishment. The decisions taken in these months are giving their fruits. Many dreams begin to come true, though until recently, you were convinced that this was not possible.

Instead, here they are, in their concrete beauty. Whether it is a love, a job or a particular situation, a dream come true. It is a good time to restructure your life, and you will realize that you are the only ruler of your kingdom.


SAGITTARIUS – change of direction –

It’s time to change the way and have a wider vision of life. New ideas to bring to project, dreams closed in the drawer to pull out, in short, many projects that, however, to be accomplished require a change of strategies and behavior.

You will decide on your future and make very important choices you will apply from September onwards. Sun and moon give you strength and determination, as well as clarity of mind. Follow your good intuitions and you won’t be disappointed!


CAPRICORN – the metamorphosis –

The wind of love is blowing hard, awakening from the winter torpedo that surrounds you and your life will resume again. Never as in this time have you felt the need to love and share with the person you love your emotions, trusting both the joys, the pains and the fears you have reserved within you.

You will finally tell many secrets that in these years have become weights weighing on the heart and preventing full enjoyment of life.


AQUARIUS – the relationship, this unknown –

The relationship is at the center of your thoughts. You will have stable links, also thanks to formal, official recognition. Someone, in fact, may even decide to marry, to get married or to live together: you feel the need to “officially” recognize union.

What matters, however, is the desire to embark on a journey of life together, based on a common project. For couples already formed, it is about stabilizing the union even more. For the sworn singles, this belief is counting its final hours! Do not resist.


PISCES – personal and professional recognition –

Great time for the business sector. Professional accolades, career advancements, responsibility roles, transformation of the entire business sector, putting you in a prominent position.

The consequence will be greater emotional stability, better self-esteem and eventually improved economic conditions. It is also a great time for your health: you will spend a lot more time on the well-being of your body as it is the instrument through which the soul shows itself.


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