Horoscope July 2017: What is July Bringing For Each Zodiac Sign

horoscope-JulyLeo – stop period –

A moment of stop takes life again, a moment to make calculations. Stopping, allows situations to take the natural direction. You in the center, all the rest of the world around you, free each one to take the road that your heart suggests to you.

So without trying to control the choices of others, if some people are leaving, let this happen; If a job goes away, let it go for its destiny. Let things happen. Do you want to understand whether or not you are on the right track? Follow the positive feelings that make you feel good.


Virgo – opening of the heart –

There are novelties on the horizon. The sun and the marvelous cancer in a favorable way stimulate you to meet people, to make new collaborations and friendships, and among them, one could result an important person for the affections.

Venus in twins, and then squatting, asks you to take on your responsibilities, finally decide to build your life on new ideals, push you to become the rulers of your life. Anyway, it will happen if you know how to open your heart.


Libra – towards infinity and beyond –

With this sky it is difficult to keep you calm and quiet. Cancer planets make you restless and ready to start new adventures. But feel something that blocks your movement, which prevents you from doing it.

It’s only a matter of time and then you will see that by the end of the month your life will undergo a strong acceleration. Jupiter in your sign continues to ask you to break the rigid schemes you have built around you. Go beyond the boundary of fear and you will see that beyond the obstacle, there is every wonder possible.


Scorpio – change-minds –

Quantum physics says that energy goes where our attention goes. Therefore, if you think about it, it’s all just a matter of point of view, of attention to this or that reality. You are the one who decides what is real and what not, you are the one who can create your life on joy or pain.

A failure could be seen as a defeat, or as an attempt that excluded a chance in favor of other winners. Now is the time to act and change course, starting with your thoughts. Have a nice interior cleanup.

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