How To Actually Find True Love Based On Your Zodiac Sign

When it comes to finding true love a lot of the time we confuse it with something else. True love is not as simple as you might want it to be especially when it comes to finding ‘the one,’ you should be taking a lot of things into account.

Each zodiac sign holds its own traits and so not all sign are compatible with one another. While you might love the face of that Pisces, if your signs conflict chances are the relationship will end up overly toxic whether you love that person or not. Toxic relationships are NEVER true love, stop trying to lie to yourself.

Below you will find a list of each sign and what each sign needs to take into consideration when it comes to finding true love. These are the things you need from your partner based off of your sign. While you might not want to cut ties with the person you’re with or you might not be ready to move forth into something new, these things are very important to be aware of for when the time comes to put yourself out there.





You won’t be finding love at work or at home so for you, things are a bit complicated. You spend most of your time rushing to be productive and forget how important it is to stop and smell the roses. When you’re ready for true love you have to be willing to look in some of the places you normally would not.

Your true love is going to come in and remind you that it is alright to take a break from time to time. He or she will help you to realize that your adventurous side does need to come out a lot more often than you let it. You need someone who is able to move forward with you but also bring you out of your shell.





You tend to fall in love with people who are not good for you. You are the kind of person that often settles because you get too emotionally attached in the very beginning. When it comes to looking for true love you need to take the person you’re interested in’s actions into account above all else.

You need someone that is able to stimulate you mentally and connect with you on that same emotional level. You need the kind of person that knows how to handle you at your worst and for a lot of people that is not easy. You are a bit confusing and hard to handle, so true love for you is complicated at best.





You are looking in all the right places but your standards are way too high. You want prince charming (or princess charming?) to come in and sweep you off of your feet but it just doesn’t work like that. You should be aiming for someone that you can talk to since you talk oh so much. You need someone in your life that will be there for you despite your conflicting sides.

While it might seem a bit unimportant as time goes by you will see that having someone by your side that can keep up with you is marvelous. You don’t want someone that is going to sit at home and refuse to show his or her face to the outside world. You want a partner in crime and you won’t stop until you have exactly that.






You fall in love too fast and you tend to give your all to people who do not deserve it and this really needs to stop.

You need to let people earn your trust and encourage yourself to really take things slow. You need to find a love that you actually feel comfortable with. Stop forcing the pieces of your puzzle to fit, love is not going to happen in the way you want it to.






You are a bit overbearing and you look for love without realizing it. You are constantly scanning those around you looking for the next best thing and it’s not healthy. You are much more lonely than you like to let on and you need to work through that on your own.

As a Leo, you do need someone who can hold their own and handle their place in the spotlight beside you but you also need someone who cares for you and accepts you even when the spotlight is gone. You don’t want to fall for someone that is only into you for the idea of you. Too many of the people in your life are in it for their own selfish reasons and you are for the most part oblivious to this.





You tend to push people away and refuse to let true love find you even with wondering when you will find it. I guess you could say you set yourself up for failure in this way. You are a complicated person but honestly, you make love harder than it has to be.

You need someone in your life that gets you on a level most others do not. You need someone to show you that you are not as cold as you come across. As a person you try too hard for the people who don’t fit and refuse to give a shit for the ones who do, this needs to change.


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