How to Tell if Someone is Flirting With You Based on Zodiac Signs

How to Tell if Someone is Flirting With You Based on Zodiac SignsScorpio

How-to-tell-if-someone-is-flirting-with-you-based-on-Zodiac-Signs-libra.jpgBeware of the Scorpios, they are here and they are here to stay. They have already done their analysis. Also, they prepared their strategy.

Yes, they talked it through with one more trusted person to validate and here it comes.

Furthermore, they will engage you in conversation. They will try to get really deep with you as a sign of interest.

They see a mystery in you! Make sure that there is more to discover each time and you have them on your frequency.

If you can handle deep conversations without feeling vulnerable then that is your game.



How-to-tell-if-someone-is-flirting-with-you-based-on-Zodiac-Signs-sagitarus.jpgSo easy, so flexible, so open. They will let you know very soon if they are keen and they will not try to hide it if you ask them straight.

No mystery to unveil with them, you know where you stand and a spade is a spade. 



How-to-tell-if-someone-is-flirting-with-you-based-on-Zodiac-Signs-capricorn.jpgFamous for being very formal and serious! If they feel attraction, they will loosen up!

Moreover, they will giggle and try to impress you with their connections, achievements and work.

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Don’t be a fool, they are insecure even if they want to believe otherwise, use it to your tactical advantage. 




So how will you know? Well if they choose to ask you out, as friends of course, or talk to you for hours well then here we go.

Aquarius tend to spend more time with the ones they are interested in than anyone else, usually you might have to do the next move to open them up and take things to a different level.



How-to-tell-if-someone-is-flirting-with-you-based-on-Zodiac-Signs-pesce.jpgPoor Pisces! Everyone will know when a Pisces is attracted to someone else. How?

Well, they don’t try to hide it!  Usually, they are the last to know that everyone else is watching them and are already aware of their interest.

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Pisces have a tendency to look and analyse, to look and dream, therefore if they are looking far too much (and I mean far too much) well you can be sure that this is it. 





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