The Life Principles Of Each Zodiac Sign

The Life Principles Of Each Zodiac Sign



1 It is better not to argue with me.

2 First I will do it and only then think.

3 Where the others slam the brakes, I step on the gas.

4 I will always be young.

5 Do things as I because you will never do them better than me anyways.

6 The most difficult thing – listen to somebody till they finish speaking.

7 Stubbornness is not a vice.

8 It is easy to control the situation, more difficult – my emotions.

9 One Aries is OK, two – too many.

10 I will never attack first but God forbid to offend me.



1 Never spends money on shopping except for entertainment.

2 I do not need anything that belongs to others but do not touch mine either!

3 I am just straight, I do not argue.

4 Don`t bother the one who is comfortably sitting.

5 Better a beautiful sofa, than a beautiful sunset.

6 Food – it is a serious matter.

7 When I eat the whole world must wait for me!

8 When you drive as a second one, you save your efforts!

9 I hate disposable lighters.

10 A taster – that is my true calling.



1 Today, I am not the same as yesterday.

2 Who has the information is the master of the situation.

3 One brain is good, two even better, especially if they belong to one and the same person.

4 Figaro here, Figaro there.

5 Good ideas never get old.

6 One TV set at home – good, but three – even better.

7 Who is not on time, is late.

8 I move through life, as a motor boat through water – without diving in but instead quickly.

9 In market „markety” discussions.

10 Likes quantity because there is not enough time for quality.



1 My house – my castle.

2 To wet-nurse others is my true calling.

3 Those who know how to wait are entitled to everything.

4 It would be good to provide yourself with everything on this world – both with patience and jam.

5 One must meet friends at home rather than a cafe.

6 Nothing gives you such a warm feeling than a stuffed fridge.

7 It is better to save money for good things than buy scraps.

8 It is hard to live when you have no place to hide.

9 I carry my past with me as a stuffed backpack.

10 Can you really outwear a coat in ten years time?



1 I will take you to the sunny distance.

2 It`s better to refuse than to be refused.

3 Good manners are half the success.

4 The Sun shines only for Leos.

5 A pretty plaque at the cabinet door is more important than a high wage.

6 Lies to earn a lot but even more – to spend.

7 It is better to have an organ at home than a piano even if nobody knows how to play them.

8 Despite my delicate looks, in my heart I am a dictator.

9 If you do then do it right.

10 Why do you need the Sun if you have me?

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