What Is Mercury Retrograde & The Meaning Of This Personal Planet, Per Astrology

mercury retrograde

Does Merc rx really mess everything up?

Most people think of Mercury when retrograde season comes along, and now that it’s here until July 31st, 2019.

You may notice problems taking place that are unique to this planetary transit.

From computer failures to missed emails and arguments or travel delays, blaming the universe helps to digest the complications that happen in life.

Astrologically speaking, Mercury plays a much deeper role in your life than simply hanging out closest to the Sun.

So, what is Mercury retrograde and how does this planet affect your life’s daily horoscope?

Mercury is a personal planet and the messenger used by the gods.

Merc carries all of life’s precious information (conscious and subconscious) from one level of power to the other.

These messages are communicated when Mercury aspects another planet either in your natal chart or those that are in transit during a particular day or time.

When retrograde, the messages you receive are meant to be internalized, and it’s time for you to listen to your inner voice.

Everyone has Mercury in their natal chart.

All zodiac signs collectively can tune in with the energy as what takes place is communicated to us here on Earth.

Mercury influences your communication style.

These messages involve transportation, when to review paperwork, and best practices in communication each day.

Mercury, astrologically speaking, can help you to decide everyday life choices and carry more power than you might think.

Known as being the most neutral planet, Mercury helps keep the balance between the Earth and the universe.

We rely on Mercury to help us learn more about your communication skills, learning abilities, and overall perception of your inner selves.

Mercury retrograde heightens emotional energy.

If you see the symbol ‘rx’ or ‘R’ in your chart, you were born with Mercury retrograde.

When Mercury is in retrograde (meaning when it passes Earth in its orbit around the Sun) your lives can be thrown off balance quite a bit.

Mercury’s position within your natal charts help us learn more about how we cope and reason with the world.

It helps us understand the way we think and make life choices.

Mercury transits range from 14-30 days in length.

The planet is actually the fastest moving in the solar system, which makes sense as to why sometimes are lives are thrown so far out of balance without any warning.

Mercury can go into retrograde up to three times a year, making your lives seem a little out of wack and questionable while we try to navigate it.

So, since Mercury should hold major meaning within your lives, what exactly should you know and believe about this powerful planet?

Mercury symbolizes a part of your brain.

Think of Mercury as the Corpus Callosum: the branch of fibers separating the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

It is neutral in its attempt to connect your inner thoughts with your outward actions.

Mercury holds the scientific power that controls how you think and internalize your intelligence.

Even though you may share a Mercury zodiac sign, you are still unique.

When comparing your natal chart with the rest of the world, you can notice that no one has the same exact chart.

Even though some of us might all fall under the zodiac sign of Virgo, we each cope with that identity differently.

Not all zodiac signs are created equal, and Mercury’s power is one of the reasons why.

Nobody processes intelligence in the same way and nobody communicates in the same way, either.

According to astrology, the reason behind this is because Mercury holds the power over our heads and gives us the toolkit we use to connect with others.

In order to see how Mercury impacts your way of interacting with others, look to your natal chart to see which house Mercury falls under.

House systems influences your Mercury chart interpretation.

For example, if Mercury falls under your fourth house, you may interact with others with a lot of emotion and your family may view you as being more on the sentimental side.

Mercury and your rising sign should be studied.

It is also equally important to see where Mercury lies within your zodiac sign or rising sign.

If there is Mercury within Sagittarius, the way this person may think about their love of travel and their appreciation of life would be very philosophical and intellectual.

These individuals would have an amazing depiction and understanding of life.

This is why, in order to understand how Mercury effects your way of thinking and communicating, you must look to your natal chart.

Are there any myths associated to Mercury?

There are many ideas that surround the planet of Mercury.

Within the world of astrology, there are a lot of myths that surround this mystical planet and what it truly stands for.

Does Mercury control actions?

Mercury cannot control your actions. It is only in charge of how you create ideas and communicate them to the world.

It has the ability to help us formulate an idea, concept, or formula and express it to the world.

This does not mean that your ideas will become a reality.

Mercury cannot make the big decision for you once they are put out into the universe; only you can do that.

When Mercury is in retrograde, your way of thinking and communicating is thrown off.

We may get tongue-tied and have trouble expressing your thoughts to the world like we usually do.

However, another myth that encompasses Mercury is that once in retrograde, we completely lose your sense of self.

This is false! You can get through retrograde with a little push and some motivation.

The power of miscommunication cannot control you unless you let it in.

It is also important to remember that Mercury is not set in stone – there are always at least two sides to its manifestation.

Regardless of where Mercury lies on your natal chart, it still has strengths and weaknesses that are the result of its duplicity.

How does Mercury express duplicity?

Mercury will have you going back and forth when searching for answers to life’s biggest questions.

Mercury never stops rotating and moving in the universe, which means you will never catch a break when it comes to making hard decisions every now and then.

What zodiac signs are ruled by Mercury?

Two zodiac signs have Merc as their ruler: Virgo and Gemini.

Mercury is expressed in practical terms with Virgo, but also is one of the reasons why people with this zodiac sign have such amazing energy.

In Gemini, which is an air sign, Mercury activates the brain.

People who have strong Mercury placements in their chart can mean that their Sun, Moon, Venus or Mars is conjunct with this amazing planet.


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