Mercury AND Venus Go Retrograde TOGETHER To Create Powerful Portal Of Desire

Mercury AND Venus Go Retrograde TOGETHER To Create Powerful Portal Of Desire

We are all familiar with the events that transpire during Mercury Retrograde, but combining it with Venus in Retrograde makes for an interesting time for relationships, money, and new adventures.

When we are talking about Venus retrograde we are referring to all kinds of relationships, it may be with friends, family members or a romantic and sexual involvement. Mercury typically has to do with signing papers, roadblocks of all sorts, appointments, mind changes, reversals, breakdowns, electronic failures.

Retrogrades have three parts. First is the time the planet goes forward. Next is the retrograde period when it goes back over that same ground. Third is when it turns Direct, forward, and goes over the same ground the third time. Often, having a change of direction, extra work to accommodate the changes, delays, drives us crazy. Given time, from the different vantage points, and as other planets move along, we see the values in these adjustments. Without switchbacks or retrogrades, sometimes we might never reach higher ground had these events not have happened. New vantage points show us how to incorporate new facets in our lives.

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During this Venus retrograde don’t be afraid as you encounter difficult situation in your love life. Some of you may face or create difficult situation in your present relationship. The good thing about this period of Venus retrograde is that this is a good period to focus on your own self, your behavior as you move forward to mend your relationship. It is easy to find fault and mistakes in others, but difficult when we need to make correction to ourselves. This period will help you do some self introspection.

Many times we learn lessons through our experiences and this Venus retrograde period will help realize the true value of a good relationship. If there is a failure in a relationship and nothing has helped despite your past efforts, you may actually take the extreme step and move forward.  Venus retrograde in Pisces besides other things will teach you to value our self in a manner that you want. It will help you move forward and away from situations which have destroyed you emotionally.

Traditionally astrologers provide caution not to enter a new relationship during this period as it is likely to be brief and full of uncertainty. This is because Venus retrograde period is all about resolving issues on our relationship front and tying loose ends and even if needed end a relationship and move ahead.

Venus goes retrograde March 4th through the 15th. Mercury retrogrades April 9th through May 3rd. April 9th through April 15th will have BOTH Venus and Mercury in retrograde for a powerful combination of relationship energies.

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If you have heard people complain during a Mercury Retrograde that they lost their data or texted the wrong person, during Venus Retrograde watch out for a lot of drama in your love life.

If you make investments, do only test amounts during both retrogrades because Venus (money) is Taurus’s planet. Your thinking about what is attractive can easily change. Not a time to buy a new wardrobe, furnish your home, do a remodel or buy a comfortable car. Whatever you buy, get receipts, buy from well standing companies with excellent return policies, get the warranty. If you sign papers include a review clause so it can be changed, canceled or extended within a reasonable time. You set the time for your next job review time.

Overall, HAVE FUN with these celestial energies at play and find out what you really need to be paying attention to. The signs are everywhere.

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