Myth VS Reality Of Each Zodiac Sign

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Myth VS Reality Of Each Zodiac SignLeo…

Myth: they are 100% into themselves and never have self doubts.

When Leo is walking around and strutting their stuff like they don’t have a care in the world it can be easy to forget that they could have doubts about anything… but you better believe that they have insecurities just like everyone else on this planet.

Reality: they can actually be quite sensitive and conscious of what others think.

Although they might not admit or show it (except to their closest of friends) the Leo actually can be quite sensitive and care a lot about how others see them. They have a genuine desire to be liked by their peers and can sometimes worry too much about how they are perceived.



Myth: they hate everyone and want to be alone 24/7.

Sometimes Virgo can get a bit of a reputation for being anti-social types that despise everyone but the truth is when they are with people that they are genuinely fond of they can actually be a hell of a lot of fun to be around. They’re also capable of sparking some of the most fascinating of conversations too thanks to their sharp intellect.

Reality: sometimes they just take a bit of time before they can open up to someone new.

The truth about the Virgo personality is that they simply take a bit longer to warm up to new people than some of the other zodiac signs so don’t misread them for being rude because chances are they’re just a little shy. Once they feel comfortable and at ease though they will start to open up more and may even get a bit WILD!



Myth: they are fake or inauthentic.

Sometimes Libras can get a bit of a bad wrap for being “fake” or somehow inauthentic. However the truth is that although they might tell the occasional harmless “white lie” in order to spare someones feelings when it comes to the important stuff they are some of the most honest and truthful people in whole of the zodiac.

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Reality: they strive to find a compromise where everyone is happy.

The Libra is a diplomat and mediator at heart who is all about bringing people together and making sure that everybody is happy. Some people misinterpret this trait for being “wishy-washy” but the reality is they’re just willing to compromise and meet someone half-way.



Myth: they dislike everyone.

Sometimes Scorpio can come across to people as little bit ‘cold’ or ‘distant’ and some people can take this to mean that they simply dislike everyone that come into contact with. But the fact of the matter is that once their friendship is earned they can actually be some of the most loyal and trustworthy allies that a person can have.

Reality: they just take some time to build up trust with others.

Part of the reason that it can seem like Scorpio is putting up a wall is because they simply take longer to build up trust with people and they are careful about who they allow into their world. But if you give them time and don’t try to rush them then the wait is more than worth it!

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