Predictions: Full Moon in Virgo on March 1-2


Predictions for Cancer:

If this is an important period for your studies, or you have one coming for you, then work your best during this waning Moon period. Advancement and success in this subject can happen under this Full Moon and the whole way the sky is set.

Postgraduate studies receive this influence even more so. The same goes in case you are acquiring new qualifications to help you with your job.

If you are an actual student, then other ways that will better your position in your school are also supported by this influence. Furthermore, you’ll probably have quite a pleasurable period in general. A little tiresome, maybe a little stressful, but pleasurable, nonetheless.

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Work, on the other hand, receives much more stress. If you are doing any dangerous kind of job, be extra careful. Accidents in your work can happen. Mistakes too, for any kind of job.

Try to avoid them. Also, bosses and other higher level employees can be a little unreasonable and annoying. Try to deal with them as calmly as possible. Business partners can also become a source of stress.

They may produce problems where there aren’t any, suggest the possibility of them to occur, or they may neglect their job, or delay your plans. Things like those are possible ways for this influence to express itself.

But, in some cases, they may even try to force you advance much more than you feel comfortable with. The latter sounds like a good kind of pressure, but it can be not so. Advancing hastily is usually a bad choice.

So, if this is your case, think carefully and thoroughly whether you have to overcome your hesitations, or ignore their pressure.


Predictions for Leo:

Studies, traditional and spiritual ones, can advance during this period. This won’t happen effortlessly though. Obstacles will come your way, both from the inside and from the outer world.

If you discipline yourself, though, and overcome the inner obstacles, success will be yours. For those trying to learn new spiritual and mental methods and techniques, this period can give good results, and opportunities. Once again, though, obstacles too.

Love life receives both beneficial and inauspicious influences. Many, if not all, problems in your relationship are becoming vivid enough for you to see. They can even hold your attention on them all the time.

Solving those problems, though is also possible for relationships with goof foundations. If you are single seeking a relationship, these problems may as well be represented by the lack of one such relationship.

Finding what inner blocks you put forth in your search for it is very favorable. Not in a pleasurable way, but in a way that both the whole truth can come to light, and you’ll have the power to heal and change it.

Sex, on the other hand, can be very pleasant. If you are looking just for it, then you’ll be able to enjoy it. Adding some more of it in your existing relationship can, at least, drive some tension away.

Work also follows a similar pattern, but it is probably more stressful. On the good side, though, your wishes and goals receive good luck. You can also receive much support towards achieving them. If you ask for it, you’ll receive even more such help.


Predictions for Virgo:

Love life receives probably the main focus of this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Very strong beneficial and stressful energies targeting this aspect of your life. Generally speaking, the second half of the period will be better than prior to the Third Quarter of the Moon.

Formalising a relationship is not really inauspicious, but it can face some problems and difficulties. If you are any unsure, though, it’s better to rethink and re-decide if and when you are going to do it.

As good vibes walk hand to hand with bad ones, concerning your love life, in many cases you’ll be able to turn the blind eye to the problems, but don’t do that. Deal with them, heal them, and if you do so, the odds are your relationship will last. If it doesn’t survive, then this is for the best.

Friendships receive similar influences, although the stress upon them is weaker than the one upon your romantic relationships. Joy may not be around in every interaction with your friends.

With those, you consider as family, even more. But strengthening and deepening a friendship is possible, as long as you have the patience and the will to heal problems and connect more.

Patience and understanding are mandatory, but both of them can become a challenge for you. Family and other relatives also fall under this influence, once again, less stressfully. On the other hand, expanding your number of friends is lucky and auspicious. New friendships formed during this period will be probably proved good ones and significant ones for you.


Predictions for Libra:

Love life receives some focus, for better and worse at the same time. This will affect mostly existing relationships, while it won’t affect a lot – if any at all – those seeking a relationship.

In fact, if you are searching for your special someone, all this focus will be probably helpful. Even more so from the 7th of the month and onwards. Those, though, already in a relationship will have to deal with some tension.

Are you planning moving in together, getting married, or any significant change in your relationship status? Then things can become even more stressful. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t advise against those changes.

Make sure you really want to make them, and if so, proceed courageously. But if you feel any insecure, then stepping back a little to rethink your decisions may be the wise choice for you. Family can also add to this stress. Even more, in some cases, the parental couple can also face some stress.

On the other hand, work receives mostly beneficial influences and strong ones, too. If your work is related to communications, transportations, including their equipment, as well as with phones and emails, then there may be some stress.

In most cases though, this stress will be because of the very busy schedule you’ll end up with. Try to relax as much as you can, and rest as much as you can, but do take advantage of this period. It’s a nice one. Finding a new job, hiring new personnel, finding new partners and similar things receive good luck.


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