What The Sun-Jupiter Square Horoscope On March 14th Means For Your Love Life And Relationships In The Next Few Months

sun-jupiter square

Life is made up of moments that take your breath away.

On March 14th, we will have several astrological factors occurring on one day, which will bring a bright light to our mid-March and may just be that pivotal moment we’ve all been hoping for. The first transit is Sun square Jupiter, with Sun in Pisces and Jupiter in Sagittarius, while the second is Mars trine Saturn, with Mars in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn.

The Sun in Pisces square Jupiter in Sagittarius will be in contrast with Mars in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn. However, adding into the mix will be a Cazimi, which means the Sun will be exact conjunct to Mercury during his retrograde, which always provides some fireworks for our zodiac signs and love horoscopes.

While these are one-day transits in astrology that will sweep quickly into our lives, this is the only time the Sun will square Jupiter all year, and Mars and Saturn won’t trine again until the fall. It’s likely that whatever occurs around the 14th, give or take a day because of how astrology works, will be something we will experience or work through for the next few months.

It’s just one more part of us getting our act together in 2019 so that all of us can move into 2020 really embracing these new identities that have been forming.

Sun in Pisces is all about feelings and vulnerability. It wants us to connect to our hearts and feel our truth. It’s in our feelings; we’re in our feelings. We’re in the thick of it, and while at other times we didn’t want to be this serious or spend time listening to our hearts, this time around it seems like a welcome relief from living as if we were detached from life around us.

Sun in Pisces is intuitive and likes to be honest. It’s the sign of unconditional love that seems to struggle most with giving that love to one’s self, which is actually something Pisces season inspires in all of us.

During this transit though, the Sun will be squaring Jupiter. In astrology, a square is when two planets are within 90 degrees of one another and challenge one another or bring up an important issue. It’s seen as a hard aspect, but that doesn’t mean it’s negative.

Jupiter is the planet that governs our exploration, our abundance and good fortune. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, so it likes to make everything bigger. In Sagittarius, it’s about travel, our careers, expectations for the type of life we want to live, our lives in general, and our relationships.

Sun squaring Jupiter means there’s likely something associated with ourselves — how we think about ourselves or how we limit our options may be holding us back from embracing the energy that Jupiter wants to bring in. Because of Pisces and Sagittarius, we could see this being a fiery issue that was kept to ourselves or, at the very least, quiet. Maybe it’s even something that we’ve tried to ignore.

This doesn’t mean that we’re going to see a career or relationship crisis during this time, but it does mean there will be an issue that arises that we’re meant to work through.

But that isn’t the end of the full story. We also have Mars in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn. A trine in astrology means that two planets are within 60 degrees of one another and help to bring out the best in one another.

In this case, we have Mars, the planet of action and ambition, feeling rather slowed down and grounded in Taurus. He may not always like this placement, but it does Mars some good, because we tend to make better and stable choices during this type of transit.  

Saturn is the Lord of Time and Karma. The planet that governs the divine timing of everything and that sometimes pretty harshly reminds us that we all need boundaries, even with people that we love. Boundaries are love, and in Capricorn this means we’ve been building the groundwork for what’s to come.

We’ve been working through the foundation that Capricorn needed us to develop, and Taurus is on the scene to make sure we’re moving slow.  

Together, these planets are suggesting that there’s an issue we’ve kept close to our hearts (Pisces) that we need to acknowledge before we can actually move on (Jupiter), but we need to move slowly (Taurus and Mars) because this is part of something much bigger. We need to not just exercise boundaries, but also trust that divine timing (Saturn and Capricorn) is at play.

This is a big deal, but adding to that is the eye of the hurricane: the Cazimi of this month’s Mercury retrograde that is also in Pisces. A cazimi is when the Sun, which is in Pisces, is at an exact conjunction with Mercury, who is also currently in Pisces, both at 29 degrees.

This suggests that it will be both an ending and beginning. In numerology, the number 11 (2+9=11) is tied in, which is not just connected to awakenings but also to new beginnings and a point to take note of.

Cazimi literally means “into the heart of the sun,” which is considered a ray of light in an otherwise often difficult Mercury retrograde. It’s the eye of the hurricane. It’s the moment of clarity. Perhaps it will be seen by the world, or it might arrive so quietly that you feel its whispers while driving. Yet both will affect us not just for the rest of the year, but likely our lives.

We have to make choices. We must decide if we’re going to speak our truth or even listen to it ourselves, and we have to own that. While life is every bit as amazing as we hope it is, we have to take an active hand in manifesting that.

Sometimes we have to sit on the bench and accept that now is not the perfect time. And then there are others when it seems life, love, even us, just come together and we know. We know that we could live our entire lives and never experience a moment like this again.

This was originally written by Kate Rose for YourTango.

Kate Rose is an artist, writer, passionate yogi, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life coach. For more of her work, go to her website Words of Kate Rose.


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