The Best Halloween Costume for Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Halloween Costume for Your Zodiac Sign


The best Halloween costumes for Libras must incorporate Venusian traits. In addition to sensuality and pleasure, Venus is also the ruler of finance. Venus rules the finances of entertainment, art, and land.

You can be a fashion designer or model for Halloween. Libras can be cosmetologists or designers for the evening as well. In regards to cosmetology, hair stylist or barbering costumes are the best options. If you want to be edgy for evening, you can be a classy pole dancer.

Libra’s symbol is the scales, which is the sign for balance, law and order. Libra people can have a great Halloween by dressing up as lawyers, judges, or business professionals.





Scorpio is a Water sign that rules intensity and secrets. The best Halloween costumes will enhance your mysterious and seductive nature. As a Scorpio, you can be an influential spy or detective for Halloween.

You can go the extent of dressing like Sherlock Holmes or your favorite Law and Order detective. Since Mars is one of the rulers of Scorpio, you can enhance your intensity with a police officer and military costumes. Scorpio rules toxins, chemicals, and liquids as well.

This is a suggestion to purchase a chemical engineer or scientist costume. If you have a passion for occult and esoteric knowledge, you can be a psychic or gypsy for the evening.




Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the Fire sign of higher learning and travel. Since Jupiter is the planet of expansion, Sagittarius people can be financial advisors or archaeologists for Halloween.

However, the best Halloween costumes for Sagittarius people will incorporate adventure, education, or religion. As a Sagittarius, you can be an ethical professor or philosopher for the evening. You can choose to be Socrates or Plato to make things interesting.

If you want to go the psychological route, you can be Car Jung or Sigmund Freud. You may also enjoy being a monk, priest, or guru for Halloween.




The structured Capricorn is another Earth sign that may have difficulties finding a costume. Since Saturn rules your sign, you can be a detective or secret agent. If you like comics, Dick Tracy is a great costume to wear.

Your Saturnian nature is all about leadership and politics. You can be the president, your favorite politician, or CEO. Capricorn people can also choose legal or real estate related costumes. Any costume related to hard work such as mining and factory jobs can be worn as well.




Aquarius is an intellectual air sign that can be found in various occupations. The most prominent characteristic of an Aquarius is their humanitarian beliefs. However, Aquarius people can be eccentric and free-spirited.

You can choose to be a hippie for Halloween. The best Halloween costumes for Aquarius people will incorporate individuality, fun, and enthusiasm. You can be a public relations specialist. Since Aquarius also rules computers, you can be Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.

If you prefer the intellectual and social crowd, dress up like Mark Zuckerberg. Remember that Aquarius also rules networking and groups.




The sensitive Pisces person usually gains wealth by working behind the scenes or with mysticism. The best Halloween costume for Pisces people will incorporate serenity, water, and imagination.

If you enjoy sci-fi and horror, you can dress like a character from your favorite movie. The Pisces person is fluid and needs a costume that will enhance their positive qualities. If you want to go the occult route, you can be a vampire, angel, or gypsy.

Since Pisces also rules film, you can choose a costume that mimics your favorite director. You water nature also allows you to be a mermaid, fisherman, pirate, or ship captain.



Source : new.theastrologer


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