The True Definition Of A Soulmate, Based On Your Month Of Birth

July Soulmate

Your soulmate will be someone that loves as deeply as you do. He or she will be someone that has a sensitive heart but also a hard exterior.

This person will be someone that proves to you that the rest of the world doesn’t matter. They will bring out a side of you that you don’t see often and make you finally question others.



August Soulmate

Your soulmate will be kind and straightforward. He or she will make you finally feel ready to show your loyalty to someone else.

This person will be there to cheer you up no matter what life throws your way and will always be ready to share a laugh.



September Soulmate

Your soulmate will be able to make you calm when you are worked up. Because you are someone that tends to want to run more often than not you need a person in your life that makes you feel like the only person in the world.

He or she will always speak his or her mind and never sugar coat things. You can always trust this person and that is one of the many things that draws you in.



October Soulmate

Your soulmate will be someone that helps you make some of the hardest decisions in your life. He or she will show you that the world isn’t all about what you have or who you know and really help ground you in many ways.

This person will be just as charming as you are and really sweep you off of your feet.



November Soulmate

Your soulmate will focus on you and really bring balance to your life. He or she will be a very brave individual and make you all the more mature and wise.

You will learn something from him or her each and every day.



December Soulmate

Your soulmate will not leave your side no matter how many times you push him or her away. He or she will show you that running isn’t always the answer and bring forth a sense of optimism you’ve been lacking for a while. Everything will be better with this person around.


Source : awarenessact


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