The Type of Mother You Are or Will Be, According to the Zodiac

The Type of Mother You Are or Will Be, According to the Zodiac


The Libra mother is one that does not rush things. She is very patient and always makes sure to spend time with her children. She might not be able to control them as well as some of the other signs but she tries.

Depending on how much of a pushover she is, she might be someone who struggles to keep them in check.





The Scorpio mother is a bit too dedicated. She is always putting her family before everything else and letting self-care fall through the cracks. She needs to give herself time to rest but tends to refuse to do so.

As a parent, she feels like it is her responsibility to be there no matter what and while it is, it is also important that she can still relax on occasion.





The Sagittarius mother is very fun. She goes out of her way to make sure her children are able to do all the things during their younger years that she didn’t get the chance to do.

She loves going on adventures with her little monsters but also doesn’t necessarily discipline them as much as she should.





The Capricorn mother is a mother that likes to work hard and give her children all she can. She doesn’t exactly go out and have family fun but she does like to see her babies smiling. She is what you might consider being the average mother and there is nothing wrong with that.




The Aquarius mother is the kind of mother that gets along with everyone. She doesn’t bother with the small stuff and knows that allowing her children to actually be children is important.

She isn’t overly strict or too lenient. She is a mom that gives you chores but lets you take a day off when you need one. I guess you could call her the kind of mom that gets messy with you instead of the one that watches from the side.





The Pisces mother is a mother that pushes her children to be creative. She has fun with them but also cultivates something within them. She makes sure that they have a good time setting the clock for their future.

This kind of mom is the one that will be the most positive when it comes to motivating her offspring.


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