These Are The 5 Most Lovable Things About You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


If you’ve ever wondered what people love about you most, you can always look to the stars, and see what your most lovable personality traits are, based on your zodiac sign. “Each sign has its own unique qualities and personality traits,” professional astrologer Rachel Lang tells Bustle.

And if you identify with your sign, with those traits come most aspects of you, from your potential faults to all the things that make you extra wonderful.


It’s that mix that makes you human, so you should definitely appreciate every facet of your personality — even if it’s a so-called negative. But it never hurts to take a second and boost your self-esteem a bit by appreciating your most glowing qualities, too. Depending on your sign, you may be more inclined to have certain characteristics that make you a great friend, a loving partner, the world’s best listener, or someone who’s super fun to have at parties. (Or hey, maybe your personality encompasses all of the above.)


While you probably already know what makes you extra great — or perhaps you’re reminded by your friends and family on the regular — here’s a little reminder. Here are a few of the most lovable things about your personality, according to Astrologers.



These Are The 5 Most Lovable Things About You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Aries (March 21 – April 19)

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1. Charismatic: “As a fire sign, Aries can be very charismatic,” Lang says. And because of that big personality, people are drawn to them.

2. Passionate: “When Aries wants something (or someone), they are unstoppable,” Lang says. “With passion planet Mars ruling their sign, Aries jumps headfirst into any relationship, job, or personal situation.”

3. Loving: Speaking of that passion, Lang says this can be a positive trait in romantic relationships. “Their lovers might consider them super passionate.”

4. Confident: With all that charisma and passion, Lang says Aries can come off as super confident, too. They exude a driven, self-assured energy, and people around them take notice.

5. A strong leader: “Their take-charge attitude helps them win the love of entire groups of people, as well as that special someone,” Lang says. Basically, Aries is a force to be reckoned with, and those around them love that about them.


Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

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1. Committed: As a fixed sign, Taurus thinks about the long-term. “Once they decide to go in, they stay in,” Lang says. “This makes them secure, committed partners.” And this goes for friendships, too.

2. Sensual: A Taurus, is known to be super sensual, which is something the people in their life adore. “They are ruled by Venus, the planet of pleasure and beauty,” Lang says. “They love spoiling their [loved ones] (and being spoiled) with gifts, delicious food, bubble baths, and anything that pleases the senses.”

3. Refined: “This goes hand-in-hand with [their] appreciation for all the finer things in life,” says Lang. “They have personal style and an eye for design.”

4. Cultured: If anyone wants to hit up a museum or art show, they call Taurus. “Taurus has a refined aesthetic, and they enjoy going to artistic and cultural events,” Lang says.

5. Practical: “Taurus has a practical approach to life that makes them great problem-solvers,” Lang says. “They seem to know the best way to get from point A to point B, and they offer solid advice for making big decisions.” And that makes them a great partner and a great friend — especially on road trips.


Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

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1. Fun: Gemini folks are tons of fun because they always want to try new things, “and their adaptability allows them to make any situation more entertaining and enjoyable,” Lang says.

2. Excellent communicators: “Gemini can talk for hours about anything,” Lang says. “You probably won’t get bored conversing with a Gemini.” And this goes for romantic relationships too — Gemini makes communicating with their partners a priority.

3. Energetic: A Gemini is never short on energy, either. As Lang says, “Highly-charged Gemini can be the life of the party.”

4. Open-minded: Gemini is “willing to try new things and [is] open-minded,” Lang says. Because of this, Gemini is the go-to when friends are looking to try a new restaurant, or explore a new place.

5. Intelligent: And along with that, Gemini is always curious. As Lang says, “Gemini’s mind is always working, and their intellectual curiosity leads them to discovering and learning new things all the time.” So, when it comes to the next big thing, people know to turn to Gemini.


Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

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1. Dedicated: “Cancer can be very loyal to their families and loved ones, and once they decide to love you, they won’t let you go,” Lang says. If they’re in a relationship, Cancer will make their partners feel secure, and friends know they can always rely on Cancer when needed.

2. Nurturing: Cancer also has a nurturing side; they love to create a “nest” and make a home feel cozy. As Lang says, “They are often consummate nurturers.”

3. Ambitious: It’s this desire for coziness that powers Cancer’s admirable, hardworking ways. “Like their opposite sign, Capricorn, Cancer can be highly ambitious because they want to provide security for their family,” Lang says. “For this reason, they can be good with finances, too.”

4. Creative: Lang says Cancer can be a very creative sign. They love to create beautiful things, whether it’s decorating their surroundings or a painting a work of art.

5. Sensitive: This is the token Cancer trait: they’re never afraid to let people see your their side.


Leo (July 23 – August 22)

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1. Passionate: Leo is a warm-hearted sign. “Leo loves to love,” Lang says.

2. Loyal: “Leo is a fixed fire sign, and they can stay committed even through tough times,” Lang says. “They are extremely loyal to their loved ones.” Partners and friends will always feel like they can rely on Leo.

3. Optimistic: “Leo can have a flair for drama from time to time, but their general outlook is positive,” says Lang. “They are likely to uplift others around them.” Those who need a mood boost know that going to Leo can bring up their spirits.

4. Courageous: Are you the brave one? “The sign of Leo rules the heart, and Leo is heart-centered,” Lang says. “They have courage of conviction, and that gives them the ability to follow their heart’s desires.”

5. Trendy: Just as a fun side note, it’s likely Leo is considered quite the fashion maven among their group of friends. “They often dress to impress with their strong sense of what’s in style,” Lang says. If you’re a Leo and you’re reading this from the coolest thrift store in town, this definitely rings true.



Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

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1. Helpful: Virgo loves to serve those who need it. “They notice what needs to be done, and Virgo gets it finished, whether it’s a chore in the house or a favor for a friend,” Lang says. “They are generous with their time and energy and love helping others.”

2. Communicative: “Virgo speaks their truth, often with tact. You always know where you stand,” Lang says. “Good communication is important for any relationship.”

3. Funny: Virgo may be tactful, but that doesn’t mean they can’t crack a joke. “Gifted with a sharp mind, Virgo’s intelligent sense of humor, somewhat sarcastic, and quick wit will keep you laughing,” Lang says.

4. In-the-know: As Lang says, Virgo’s impeccable taste makes them a go-to resource for discovering new and interesting things.

5. Analytical: To top it all off, Virgo has incredibly analytical abilities, which never fail to impress. “This may not seem as sexy as, say, passion, but all of us love it when someone helps us take care of the details of life,” Lang says. “Virgo can create a budget like it’s a work of art. Their detail-oriented nature is attractive, especially to someone like a dreamy, creative Pisces who can benefit from those gifts.”


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