This is How the Full Moon in Aries Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign


5. LEO

You can reach any destination, as long as you are aligned with yourself.

Killing your ego is the obligatory passage.

You have made many steps forward and have already received many awards, but be careful not to confuse the value you give yourself with self-indulgence and self-celebration.

You need to rejoin the soul, knowing what your way is and know the embrace you need.

Password: MODESTY



Go decisively to meet your realization. You don’t lack energy and you know how to express it, to whom to turn your attention, how to present yourself to the world.

It is about focusing on oneself, believing in your abilities, in your own intrinsic value of being human.

It is to give love, with simplicity and confidence, certain that where you place your heart, there will be oxygen to go further.




If you’ve really decided to be who you are, if you’ve really noticed all the good you have and that you are capable of sharing with others, then you are ready to start the real adventure.

If everything within you is clear, if you have chosen the direction, if you have freed the superfluity, if you have invested in the gifts that life has made you, you are ready to accept the fruits of your work. Go to the others without masks or fears.




You are almost done: everything should be ready.

And I say it should, because you are the best zodiac kamikazes, and always risk getting hurt with the sharp knifes you display to defend yourselves.

I hope you have used your energies to invest in yourself and prepare for the rebirth.

Do not take care of who is left on the ground and point straight to the stars. They’re already in your hands if you decide to touch them.

Password: DEPART



You made it out of the way! But how many things have you brought up next?

Perhaps you are convinced that you have left many unnecessary loads, but often our wounds, which are nothing but the mothers of our fears, deceive us so well that we are not even aware of it.

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Make an honest inventory, and get rid of what does not really represent you: people, expectations, beliefs.

The most part is done, only a few small steps are missing.




Did you ask any questions? Did you understand the meaning of what happened?

Or do you think it’s all a coincidence or a hunch of fate? Do you really think there is no way to solve things, to make life more beautiful?

If you choose to realize that everything happens for a reason, and the reason is to open your eyes and your heart, everything will change, because you will finally grant the right to be well.




A load full of changes is coming toward you!

You will probably find it hard to welcome them because you do not believe enough in your personal power, your talents, your ability to suit yourself in a new outfit.

But times are ripe to reborn, and the more you fall into the hands of fear, the more will you delay accomplishment. Do not hesitate!




Nothing drags you, nothing suspends you. Real estate, waiting for a strong wind blowing, let storms get inside.

If you manage to recognize and manage the emotions that take you away, you will come to a safe harbor.

There are trunks floating close to you: choose the right ones, and they will support you enough to reach the shore.

Password: BELIEVE

The stars are like the cards that are distributed before a game, but the way we play it depends only on us. And the star in the sleeve, what makes us winning is simply the heart …



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