Today’s DAILY Horoscope For Friday, October 6 , 2017 For Each Zodiac Sign

Daily-Horoscope-friday.jpgHit like a Ram, stand strong like a Bull, zodiac signs.

Your daily horoscope is here! It’s Friday! Man, are you in for a real treat! Today, the Moon transitions from flashy Aries into the strong essence of Taurus, the Bull.

What a change in the power dynamic. You’d think that two zodiac signs with similarities like a Bull and a Ram would have a harmonious energy shift

but there are some frustrations that come with this transitional phase.

As a power couple, these two signs are an interesting match. Aries is all GO! But Taurus…he doesn’t like to be forced into doing anything.

Where a Ram will take a risk and say ‘Yes,” the Bull will want to table the topic and wait until he’s made up his mind. 

Sadly, that feels like a “No,” to an Aries who is clearly concerned with now and typically believes, “Time is of the essence!”



Trying new experiences might be a great pastime today because although you usually prefer lazy activities rather than engaging in something new.

Someone will give you the right push, obviously.

As you strive to be autonomous, you always need someone to guide you and look for dangers, because it’s just as if you do not know or want to recognize them.

You need confirmation in short and this has to change!



The last few days were perhaps more challenging for you because you had to show your most tender and affectionate sides and you are just not used to it yet.

Being too vulnerable, makes you anxious because you fear that someone might take advantage of it.

You have not been very present at work at least with your head, so it’s time to recover this as well.



Some might question your ideas today, but that does not mean that you have to change the address completely, and you do not have to change the way.

Surely you will have to reflect, but nothing more.

You panic too quickly and above all you give too much credit to any fly that passes by and suddenly becomes an expert.

It is wrong, seriously wrong. Before making any decision, you must always consult rationality!



Good premises on this day could lead you to consider completely new and never explored options that would revolutionize your way of 

working and also that of people around you with great general appreciation.

Making new discoveries or taking new adventures could open new doors both in work and in the private sphere.



Many eyes will be pointing to you on this day, so look in any way to highlight, to highlight even if you are tired or do not want to entertain

conversations of convenience or full of convenience.

Sometimes you have to make some extra effort to be pleasing to those who might determine your destiny.

After all, you do not mind a smile or a kind word and you will not have to lower yourself to more compromise!



Try to be more direct towards the people you face and do not put too much flesh on the fire if the topics to deal with are so many,

because you might confuse them and not get a good answer.

Perhaps you should have raised some questions first and perhaps you should have more care with those close to you, open up to them and reveal your concerns before they become problems.

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