Today’s DAILY Horoscope For Thursday, September 28, 2017 For Each Zodiac Sign


Massive shake-ups will go down today, thanks to Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus, which occurred at 12:24 AM.

The Moon, in Capricorn, connects with sweet Venus at 9:29 AM and dreamy Neptune at 1:09 PM—watch out for any psychic messages that come your way.

Pluto ends its retrograde at 3:33 PM, stirring up control issues, but people will be far calmer tonight when the Moon makes a smooth connection with Mars, at 6:35 PM.

Intense-as-hell emotions will flare up tonight, at 10:26 PM, when the Moon meets Pluto. 

All Times EST.



Your expectations might be just a bit too high for your surroundings, and for that is exactly why you prefer taking actions alone without delegating anything to third parties.

If anything goes wrong, and you don’t get to get what you thought you would have, there will be none else to blame but yourself.

Try to give other people some trust and you won’t be disappointed.



You have intrinsic difficulties that you can’t absolutely ignore at this precise time of your life, so it would be better to try to mature and take the ball to the leap instead of letting it fall.

Maybe you have underestimated your own limits and have let them grow bigger.

It is time to get yourself together without too much drama and exaggeration.



Arguing with someone who’s not interested in the matter whatsoever, will hardly resolve the situation.

It would be best to give a chance to those who are willing to cooperate and could actually help.

Leave the rest behind, as they will eventually find themselves on their own and will also appreciate your closeness that would otherwise be completely downgraded.

Dedicate yourself to professional issues with more commitment.



You are rather skeptical in general, but today you could suddenly change your idea of some fundamental issues, such as giving confidence to a person you know just recently.

Your gut will instruct you to trust this someone, and it is the best thing you could possibly do, as they will forever be grateful for believing in them.



There are moments in which making decisions might be difficult, and moments where everything seems to be so easy.

On this day, it will be best to choose the path that brings you happiness!

Certainly you will find it, because it will be your heart to suggest it.

The stars will be joining you in this path, as you deserve more serenity than what already you have. Being good people always repays!



Rumors may worsen your conception on some issues that you did not want to deal with or which you have already been deprived of.

At this point it would be good to look for the truth and ask for more information.

If you want to be assured of what’s happening around you to make a decision, then you are obliged to ask around to have a clearer idea.

The hardest part will be choosing the right people!


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