Today’s DAILY Horoscope For Thursday, September 28, 2017 For Each Zodiac Sign


Today you may have a pleasant surprise. Something you never thought could possibly happen, will happen actually.

But don’t be deluded tomorrow.

In any case, try to live in the present and clarify some aspects of your relationships, especially those based on friendship, because you could save yourself arguments and so many other unpleasant situations.



Little lies have certainly done great damage, although behavior is what counts most.

There may be someone who does not appreciate them at all and against them you can’t win!

If you are facing such people, you must be honest at all costs, even if it means to lose a deal or miss an appointment, because it will be better for everyone, for your health and for them.



Someone today will try to make you believe that you have not been completely honest to them and that the information you have held, has prevented them from doing a better job.

At this point it is best not to give much credit to those who try to cover up their own faults, by passing the ball to others.

Don’t worry, you will recover next time!



You might be too involved into a professional matter that won’t really give you the happiness you are looking for and deserve.

You should bet on something else and you already know what it is, but it costs you to admit it.

Anyone who cares about you will sooner or later put you in front of a decision and will require your attention, much more than you are accustomed to giving.



You have missed many opportunities and it is the time to get yourself together and don’t let it happen again.

You have to make a decision now and put it into practice asap without additional references!

You are not ready enough to give up but you are also not quite willing to take action.

You have to overcome this limit as soon as possible!



Your regrets on this day may weigh heavily on your choices but maybe it will also be good from a certain point of view, because you will recover a small piece of your life!

It might be worth it or not, but at least you won’t be losing your head in “what if-s”.


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