Today’s DAILY Horoscope For Friday, October 20, 2017 For Each Zodiac Sign


Your daily horoscope is here! It’s Friday! Better yet — Fri-yay! 

Today we go from a New Moon in Libra into the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Mercury is also in Scorpio beside Jupiter!

When Mercury is in Scorpio influenced by the presence of Jupiter, communication becomes thick with knowledge and truth, which we need more during times like these.

There are two conflicting theories about communication that happen in our world.

One camp of communicators will advocate keeping things private and personal. Things that are meant to be will reveal themselves. There are people in the world who need this type of communication style.

They are introverts who have to think before talking. There are delayed listeners who hear what you said, but their mind hasn’t yet processed the meaning of your words. 

You’ll recognize these types of people easily in a classroom setting or at work. They get asked a question and they seem to take forever to reply. You almost wonder if your words fell on deaf ears. They didn’t. You know because their reply is thoughtful.

The delay was to weigh their thoughts again the wealth of information collected and stored in their psyche. 

Words have power. Words also create meanings and association. If you think about a color, whatever image comes to mind will be different from someone else.

These differences are what makes you unique, and also makes talking to certain people difficult to do.

Which is why the other camp of communication advocates prefer to expose the truth and to share more information than necessary.

These individuals are tell-alls. They want to hear your story and they want to tell you theirs. It seems that nowadays more people are doing this on social media. Too much information can cause sensory overload.

What you learn can go down to a bone level and seem to empower you or make you sad. 

With both Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio, the lesson is to learn how to handle vast amounts of communication. Venus is still in Libra and the Sun is slowly making it’s way out of Libra into Scorpio, too. It’s the perfect time to consider how you are using words to communicate your heart.

Are you speaking with a spirit of love or are you just chatting? 

Be mindful during this time and use your words in a way that reflect your heart. 
What does this mean for your zodiac sign according to astrology?

Some zodiac signs will cut back on negative content and even choose to take a break from social media and news for the sake of clearing their mind. 

Other zodiac signs will try to find new ways to build into others through kindness. 

A few zodiac signs will look for new ways to say “I care” with people that they meet and the friends they’ve known for years. 



It would be good to choose a fun activity today because you have been very busy and you deserve a gratification.

Even if it won’t be great, you will be comfortable, so enjoy yourself.

It will do you good and above all, it will give you a new charge for the next few days, which could be emotionally difficult.

It will depend on how much energy you can accumulate in these hours, so force it!



A bit of fun you too.

The day will endure some difficulties, but in the end, you will find a surprise that will give you more momentum and will be useful for the next battles that are waiting behind you.

You will succeed in successfully completing a small or big dream or even a bargain, but it will depend on how much you are willing to immerse yourself in the work you are doing and how much you are involved in, without having to dedicate yourself completely.



You will get small answers starting from today, especially in the professional area, that’s why you have to push more and be convincing.

If you have proposed something, you will know what its development will be.

You have made your knowledge available to all, now is the time to take it back and use it for yourself.

Do not waste it and especially do not sell it, because you will regret it.



It is always said that prevention is better than cure and in part, you know how true it is, especially in relationships.

What I am pressing at this moment, is to understand how to behave in a situation that is escaping from your hands.

Maybe you’ve been a bit hard on yourself or maybe you’ve been too permissive in some areas, and it’s time to clarify your position, your feelings, and what you would like for your future.


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