Today’s DAILY Horoscope For Friday, September 22, 2017 For Each Zodiac Sign


Today’s DAILY Horoscope For Friday, September 22, 2017 For Each Zodiac SignToday marks Fall Equinox, the period of time when days grow shorter and time feels most precious. 

Everything falls into balance during this season of harvest and change.

As you have set your intentions during the New Moon in Virgo and worked hard to reach goals in career, family, and relationships. 

This season is a time of gathering up what you have grown.



You have chosen several issues to deal with today, but as usual you will not be able to treat them all with the same intensity or commitment.

At some point you have to postpone something for the next time.

Someone will hurt you and if you do not want the rope to break you will have to learn to manage your time better and not to fool around with those who ask you for an emergency meeting and you give it away at the last minute.

Other people have their own issues to settle too!



Small changes to a project will not compromise it completely, so today try not to expect too much, or just give up on certain aspects if your colleagues or people helping you, have different ideas.

In the end, it’s about giving them the right look and nobody will steal you in the least, you can only benefit from some novelty from those who have a different vision, complementary or simply wider than yours.



If you let those in front of you express themselves freely, without influencing or interfering every five minutes, you can fully understand the soul that is opening up to you by telling you something of their own life.

Getting in touch with a stranger or acquaintance to build something deeper may not be easy and for you it is not, but if you would give them some time and also give yourself some time, without getting tired of it, something good will certainly come off.



Among you there are people who would like to set aside their own hesitation to dedicate themselves mainly to the most exciting wishes and projects that they are capable of thinking.

This, however, will go with reality.

You are not willing to eliminate certain kinds of prejudices from your thoughts to leave room for something else and this is your big limit.

Limit that you have to try to break down from today.



Everything in its time, says a popular saying, but you are playing a bit too much with this time and it is perhaps the moment to realize it and do something to speed it up.

Maybe you’ve had bad experiences, but you learn from them.

What you miss is perhaps a bit of motivation, and then you have to go looking for it too.

By focusing on positive people, for example, you will be able to put most of your projects into operation, and even just one of them would make you happy.



Every moment is good for you to achieve a great dream, only that you have a lock on the people beside you.

You might be afraid to hurt them or to disappoint them.

The sooner you resolve this tide the sooner you will be able to complete what you have predefined.

After all, do it not only for yourself, in that case you can only win. If you just stand still you will only lose.


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