Today’s DAILY Horoscope For Thursday, October 19, 2017 For Each Zodiac Sign

Daily-Horoscope-thursday-1.jpgAre you ready for what you’re hoping for?

Your daily horoscope is here for today! Take a look in the mirror and get a glance of the person you are now, but prepare yourself.

You can be more than who you see in this moment. You can be the person you’ve always dreamed you could be. 

It’s easy to say that you lack the resources or experience. Perhaps you think that you’re too old or a ship has said and it’s time to move on.

Those thoughts can be true if you let them, but what if you made a decision not to? What if you made a decision to love yourself through to the other side?

if you met someone who was in a similar position, would you tell that person to give up?

The relationship you have with yourself becomes the most important human relationship you’ll ever experience once you enter adulthood and start to create a life of your own.

There are days when you do what you say you’ll do, betraying your emotions. Then there are moments when your emotions cause you to betray your actions out of self-doubt. 

Soon the Moon will leave Libra and enter Scorpio. Right now, both the Moon and the Sun are in Libra. Yes, double it’s a double Libra day (and night). 

Libra is a lover of human relationships, and when both the subconscious and the conscious realm are mirrored with one another, it’s a perfect time to reflect on who you love most.

Hopefully, there’s a part of you that allows space for love to begin with you.

The hardest part about love is that it does involve loving yourself. Often we are raised to believe that loving yourself is narcissistic or selfish.

So, we do away with luxuries that are forms of self-care like massages, manicures, pedicures or new clothes.

Indulging in your self can bring tinges of guilt because there’s the sense that maybe you are selfish for being this way. In life, self-love must come first. 

But you’re not. You’re a human that deserves to be loved, just like everyone else, by you.

Although there are steps to self-love, one of the top seven is for you to be kind to yourself. Never give up on yourself or on your dreams.

The Moon and Sun in Libra would want you to know that the happier you are the happier the world is, too. 



You have some difficulty in choosing a few details, such as organizing an event, but you do not want to compare your ideas with anyone else.

This is a limit that you should overcome and that you have already had to overcome for a long time.

In fact, what could seem like a nonsense today could re-propagate in a distant time with a greater and worrying scope.



Perhaps this is the right day to increase business or to declare yourself to the person you love, but if you do not, you will ever know the truth.

Only by taking the risk you will know how it will end!

Waiting for your time or that of others could be a failing strategy because you will be passed the train and you will not be able to run enough to stop it.

Times are, in fact, mature now, good and bad.



You have objective difficulties and you cannot deny it to people close to you.

You should also try to be honest with yourself and make clear your thoughts with those who do not know you at all.

This will be a fundamental day, so do not underestimate your mood and do not underestimate your feelings that might be indicative of what will come.



Even the most insignificant questions today could radically change your way of thinking. 

They will give you much more introspective and will be worth the effort.

There will be no special moments in which you must show great apprehension or great abilities, only welcome what will happen without much exaggeration.



Your plans for today could only be devoted to a project you are pointing at.

If you succeed in keeping your promises, you will surely get amazing results that will give you the next step.

Otherwise, you will be again deprived of the trust of others and you will have to start over again. 

You’ve done it in the past and you know how tough and how frustrating it is in some areas, so the choice is one!


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