Today’s Daily Horoscopes, Friday December 1, 2017 for each Sign



virgo-1.jpgDo not show off too much on this day because it could be counterproductive for your plans and your business.

Better to stay quiet and do not overdo it.

Someone could take the ball to throw a left-handed shot.

Look for covenants, even if it will seem very difficult at the beginning because you will not immediately find the best-suited person to your needs.

However, it is you who are very complicated to demonstrate and you can never trust someone completely.

Overcome this obstacle you will proceed calmly.



libra-1.jpgTry to stay clear on this day, even if what you will see and the people you meet will seem absurd, impractical or impossible.

You have overcome even worse situations in the past, so you have a certain familiarity with adversity.

Someone will try, however, to help you, to be near you to not dramatize too much, because you know that it would be worse.

Avoid negative people who could throw you even further down.



scorpio-2.jpgIf you have chosen a path, follow that one only and do not get into another 1000 other projects that you would not be able to manage.

In particular, you would not be able to accomplish something that involves coordination with other people, because you are not in the right mood.

You have difficulties dealing with who you are, so you cannot pretend to change in a day.

It would take a lot of internal work on your part, which you cannot afford to do right now.



sagittarius-1.jpgToday a friend or someone who lives nearby could ask you a hand to do an activity or to think of a solution to a problem of a personal nature.

You cannot just refuse a direct request.

Try to put yourself in their shoes, you would do the same without even thinking if the other person, a friend or a relative, would accept to help you because you take it for granted that they would.

This will happen to you today, so give yourself a move and be available.



capricorn-1.jpgTry to be more present on this day with the people who love you, because they would do it for you.

Even if you have another 1,000 problems and thoughts in your mind, this is the time to build something bigger and more important to them.

They will not accept compromises and will not accept rejection.

You have not been very explicit before, so it is right for them to think that you have understood their intentions and respected them even if they seem exaggerated.

There is nothing exaggerated, especially in love.



aquarius-1.jpgToday, it may be quite normal not to feel comfortable with some people, but you will have to make an effort as well because the success of a deal or project that you have been working for a long time may depend on it.

Everyone will count on you.

Being overly restrictive on some conditions could only hurt your future.

You could even wait for better times before you revolutionize everything without rushing.



pisces-1.jpgYou have chosen a rather impervious way to reach a goal that you could have reached simply with the help of someone who had offered it to you.

You are overly testing yourself, especially during this period.

You could pay the consequences.

Usually, you show yourself more reasonable and more condescending, but in some circumstances, you are demonstrating a different character from what everyone would expect..






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