Today’s Daily Horoscopes, Mon. December 4, 2017 for each Sign



virgo-1.jpgVirgo, you may be less interested in accumulating things and more focused on growing your spiritual well being.

While others are looking at how they can build their bodies, you’re looking at how to invest in developing your spirituality and your mind. 

Perhaps the change has come on after a period where you felt that you were not as insightful as you know that you can be?

Be prepared for a spiritual awakening. But first, patience. 




libra-1.jpgLibra, you’re naturally a trusting soul but even you are aware that there’s a time to scale back to see what others are doing.

You may already have one foot out the door unwilling to let someone or something else keep you from travel plans or going somewhere you want to go. 

Is there a situation that is threatening your mobility at this time?

Does it have you feeling all sorts of things, like worry or doubt? It’s time for you to follow your instincts and do what will make you happy.



scorpio-2.jpgScorpio, focusing on the hope in a situation is a process and it takes time to see it unfold.

A part of you may be losing patience, and yet you know it’s wise to wait for what you want. 

The situation may have you feeling a little ugly inside. Maybe you sense or feelings and wonder if others know how you feel when what you really want to do is be patient.

The time of celebrating and getting to enjoy what you want may be a little while longer. But you have the ability to make the most out of this part of the journey.



sagittarius-1.jpgSagittarius now isn’t the time for being indoors.

You want to be out where the fun is at and things are lively and happening.

You’ve done all the thinking and planning you need to do and now isn’t the time to be at home.

You are ready for the party, and maybe you are the party planner!

You will be diligently setting things into place and leaving nothing to change.

Your making things happen and there’s nothing going to get in your way.



capricorn-1.jpgCapricorn, you may have decided that someone or something isn’t worth wasting any time on and that you’re ready to turn your attention to other things.

Perhaps a situation broke your trust and you were depending on things to come through.

Or you may be having a problem at work or a disagreement with a company on a timely matter.

You are taking back control and making sure that things are the way they should be even if you have to do it on your own.



aquarius-1.jpgAquarius, there’s nothing left to think about.

You’re ready to take action.

Look out world, the Archer is on the move.

Whether it’s hitting the malls, making plans to see friends or being the life of the party, you are ready to let things happen as they come. 

There’s a side of you that’s been waiting for this moment, and now there’s no holding back for fun.



pisces-1.jpgPisces, are you feeling less centered?

Perhaps you’re out of your ordinary routine and things are a little off schedule the way you would like things to be and you’re all up in the feels. 

You are longing for things to be simple and more peaceful.

Perhaps you would love for someone to take care of you for once. Homecooked meals and some downtime would be more than nice.

There’s a place in your heart that’s opening up to a different kind of love, a love that’s soft and kind.

Right now is a time to be patient as love comes your way.








Source: yourtango


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