Today’s Daily Horoscopes, Monday May 21, 2018 for each Sign



virgo-1.jpgPerhaps you do not have the exact same needs as other people, but you can always address them in a courteous and non-irritating manner.

If they did it against you, you would be very hurt and you would not accept it, so why should they accept it?

You are usually very reactive towards people who mistreat others, even if only by looking, so you should not blame yourself for the same mistake, because it is normal that they take it bitterly.



libra-1.jpgPerhaps you have lost a little verve lately, even if the people around you will appreciate you anyway.

You should do something to find it again if you do not want to open up and confide in it, hoping that in some way they can help you and give you solutions.

Your mood is often the yardstick for others’ mood, so it’s vital that you keep peace around you.

It will be enough to unleash much heavier arguments or discontent. In short, you will be put to the test.



scorpio-2.jpgUsual quarrels between lovers, bickering with friends, but you should still calm down.

It is better to avoid certain discussions, especially on frivolities, and especially if you have to find a scapegoat to not take care of your real problems.

You should work on your emotions so as not to be too heavy or not very sensitive to the problems of others.

Your generosity is currently covered with a layer of aggression that you should solve.



sagittarius-1.jpgTry to be more present and more affectionate with a person. You have already disappointed them once.

Whether your child or partner, you know well to have many chances to show your affection, but fewer disappointments and more love is certainly a better option!

Do not stay behind those who dramatically increase your stress and anxieties, but try to increase your endorphin levels, standing next to those you love and who will not cause any negative feelings.



capricorn-1.jpgYou haven’t ever really lacked the courage to impose yourself on someone else, but now it is different because you are afraid of disappointing the third party.

Well, if you never try to be independent, you will never be, that’s for sure.

If someone provokes a state of anxiety or a sense of oppression, it is right that you eliminate them from your list of friends, because it is impossible that someone can love you if they only stimulate negativity.

Positivity, on the other hand, is the right way. Easy.



aquarius-1.jpgTry to be a little later than the people around you, try to make a change to all your professional projects and not be afraid of the future that is advancing and sometimes scares you.

A positive revolution for you.

You have already changed a lot in your life, but not everything has depended on your will, on the contrary, someone has done the work for you.

Now to complete the transformation you must absolutely commit yourself and take responsibility.



pisces-1.jpgDo not be too attached to secondary aspects of your private life.

You have so many things to be grateful for, happiness and people who love you despite everything.

Everyone has to reasons to complain about since happiness is not a constant state.

But we need to be able to really appreciate everything around us, starting from small things.

It’s just what you have to do today and you will never have to give up; small gestures or moments that you will have to consider a lot more in your general budget.



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