Today’s Daily Horoscopes, Sat. November 18, 2017 for each Sign


If you want to prepare properly for a challenge that has long been waiting for you, this is the right day.

You will have the support of someone who can guide you through the 1000 choices you will have to work on.

Trust in others will surely be rewarded and you can finally crown your dream into the drawer.

Everything that will happen in the coming days will only depend on you and your desire to reach the top.



You are traveling a lot with your mind, but very little with your feet.

You are usually very concrete people who do not indulge in easy ideas or easy gains, even if you know well who you are facing!

Especially in the professional field, you should go with lead feet.

Some colleague may give you fake details and advise, just to make it difficult to you or get you off the road.

Even if you do not feel it possible, there are people of this kind in the world.



If there is something you can do on your own, you should take advantage of it today.

Every now and then you have to cut yourself out of space for you and not have the task of falling into the timing of others.

Even if the presence of other people does not disturb you, it may disturb the fact that they have needs, just like us.

In the evening you can meet people you love to be with.



If you have not been very careful lately in your professional field, today it would be the right day to recover.

There may be new developments that have escaped you and could be the starting point for a new project.

If you are full of expectations is just what it is for you.

You are brave enough to risk a little more than what you have done so far, but you should not be scared because you are ready for everything.

You just have to be more focused.



You should be more cautious about the road you are going through, especially at a professional level.

Even if this is a crucial moment for you, today it will be better to reflect carefully on some possibilities.

Attention will never be too much.

Since you already have the breath on the neck of colleagues who would like to understand better how you have managed to get to your current position, you should try to make a choice at a time, put one foot in front of the other, but not too fast.



Today you may have a very important appointment that will affect most of the next few months, especially at the economic or business level.

A look at the past could be useful in avoiding too many complications.

You already have a clear picture of what you are going to conclude, but this day could give you more insights into the details.

In addition, you will have to take on responsibilities you are not accustomed to.



Great reviews on you could make this day completely change your social position.

You have long waited for someone to notice you and your greatness.

Your character, in fact, deserves a closer look.

But now you should not start pretending because you could come down from the pedestal in a moment and find yourself on the floor.

What you should do is just enjoy this moment to be really happy.



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