Today’s Daily Horoscopes, Sunday July 1 2018 for each Sign

Sunday-2.jpgOn the first day of the new month, be ready to finish the unfinished engagements in June. You will still have time and favorable circumstances to do so. Today you will see your successes and failures in the past month much more clearly.

On Sunday, be careful with your unstable romantic, family or friendly relationships, because a rift is possible where the crisis cannot be managed. Sunday will be a good day for renovations and improvements at home or on your farm.

If you were born under the sign of Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius today, you will feel disappointed by people or events from another location.

Be careful if you are traveling today. In marriage or love, you may have to compromise. Today, it can irritate the presence or behavior of a person around you.

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn today you will probably receive a proposal or important information.

Today you will not miss a chance to realize your idea or wish, but do not rely on miracles. Do not take painfully your problems in love. Perhaps it will be up to you to resolve them.

If you were born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius today an event related to people you know will help you look at a new way of dealing with your actions or mistakes.

Avoid decisions taken under the pressure of your own emotions. For many, on Sunday there will be a transition between one way of life and another that is starting now.

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces on Sunday, be patient with arrangements or promises. This will be a good day to work on important results.

Today you can have a nice engagement or meeting with a man. You will have interesting contacts with people who live far away from you. 

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If a blur of social obligations is working on your last nerve, get some alone time. Treat yourself to a quiet dinner out, or rent your favorite movie and just chill.

It’s not selfish to want to be by yourself — it’s healthy. Social hound friends may not understand this inward phase you’re going through, but they will accept it.

Be honest with your needs (like you always are), and as long as you keep your people in the loop, they’ll be cool with your conduct.



It’s important to enjoy what you’ve worked for, but it’s easy to get too comfortable and forget some nagging issues.

Right now you need to work to regain a bit of your financial edge. Investigate how to funnel your resources into some smarter investments, and you could be profiting a lot more than you are.

Ask friends for advice on how to fatten up your rapidly thinning piggy bank — they may have some easy solutions that will be nearly painless.



Something sweet you’ve been waiting for will finally arrive — in a very surprising package. At first, you may not even recognize it.

Sometimes preconceived ideas outweigh reality, so unwrap this gift slowly and let yourself acclimate to the unexpected at an easy pace.

The insensitivity of someone else will try your patience, but once you realize that their behavior is par for the course, you can avoid similar incidents (and people) in the future.



Just because someone is out of sight doesn’t mean they’re out of mind, and vice versa. Someone has been thinking about you for a while now and has maybe even started a few games of phone tag.

Make an extra effort to connect with them. Send an email or reserve time for a long phone call. The people from your past aren’t to be left in the past. Bring the special people with you along your journey through life. It’s easier than you think.



To get the final inspiration you need to get you through, create a physical representation of your goals. You’ll get bonus points for utilizing your famous creativity.

Whether you draw a picture, write a song or cook up a celebratory meal, your actions will help direct energy toward the direction you desire.

Pretend like your success is a foregone conclusion — and it just might be. Speed is a priority too, so feel free to take any shortcuts that appear.



Sometimes you just have to go on faith. You’re at a crossroads right now — and time is running out.

You need to decide soon which way you’re going, and you won’t have the luxury of knowing all the information you want to know about your options.

The good news is that you’re in a very solid lucky phase, and your instincts can fill in the blanks and help you take a calculated risk. So even if you’re not completely sure, go in the direction that just feels the most comfortable now.



As you ride yet another wave of adulation, try to keep your situation in perspective — not everyone is as lucky as you. Not everyone has been given the opportunities you’ve had.

Recognizing this disparity may create some feelings of guilt, but luckily, selflessly helping others will get rid of all of it.

Put your needs behind the needs of others. You will help create more balance in the universe, and you’ll give yourself something else to be proud of.



From time to time, a reminder of where you’ve come from is a helpful way to stay on the right path.

You will encounter some familiar conflicts, but this time, instead of sending you into a panic, they will be easy to ignore — they are vestigial remainders of a former you.

When was the last time you truly recognized the growth you’ve accomplished? Take an hour or so to flip through a photo album, read an old diary entry or just think about past adventures.



Sometimes inspiration strikes at very inconvenient times, so be prepared. Grab a pen and a pad of paper and bring it along for the day’s adventure — you will need it.

Ideas will be swirling all around you, and when you’re ready to pluck one out of the air, you should go for it, wherever you are.

Bring a camera with you to capture some surprising or beautiful moments, because there could be some historical significance to this day, and you will want to remember just where you were.



After a nice long slumber, some of your biggest insecurities are starting to wake up and look around — don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel a twinge of doubt about an upcoming meeting, confrontation or date.

But this is a clear case of letting your fear drive the rest of your brain in the wrong direction.

This is your best chance at turning this stinking thinking around, so keep chugging along in a brighter direction, and remind yourself that you totally rock (because you do).



There’s no need to candy-coat your thoughts, everyone is prepared for the bitter truth, and they’re grateful to you for dispensing it.

Certain things just aren’t up to snuff, and if you aren’t completely satisfied with the quality of what you’re shown, speak up!

Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve. Standing up for yourself shouldn’t be such a rare occurrence. It feels too good to stop, so integrate it into your life more!



Your moods may swing back and forth like a pendulum — and your emotional reaction might not always be in line with their cause.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself laughing hysterically at a boring comment or sobbing during an infomercial. Your emotions will be very close to the surface — and very unpredictable.

Try to ride your swinging feelings without pushing back too hard, because this could be a good opportunity to get cozy with uncomfortable emotions.


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