Today’s Daily Horoscopes, Wed. December 13, 2017 for each Sign


An inconvenience this day could slow down your work and activities, but you have to keep your calm, and not throw your anger at people who have nothing to do with it.

You will have to have an unexceptionable maturity and control.

After all, it’s just a matter of waiting a while before you get a new goal.

What you must keep instead are personal relationships and not material matters.



Try to put a few more pieces of your current project, because the time is short and you have to conclude shortly everything that you have left open.

Even the new window will have to be evaluated and analyzed.

You have many things at stake and not everything can come out as you wish.

However, you can be proud of the work you have done, of the profuse efforts and of your dedication to the cause which, even if it will not be recognized immediately, you know how to exploit sooner or later.

You will pull it out at the right time.



Today you will have to focus much more on the feelings towards the person you say you love.

Perhaps it is appropriate to make a complete review of what you feel before making a mistake.

Being precipitated falls into your character and you know you haven’t always acted for the best.

You have already ended up with people without giving them another chance, denying a future together.



You are progressing slowly towards your ultimate goal and this is due to the fact that you cannot find the right concentration.

Today you will have the opportunity to understand the real reason for your block.

You will of course also have a way of solving it, but much will depend on the will to do it.

In fact, not everyone will have the right mood and ability, at least today, so it will be necessary to postpone and wait for better times.



You are worried about an issue that goes beyond your skills, so you will not be able to do much to relax unless you understand to the full that it does not depend on you and that you just have to keep watching.

From a point of view, it will be better this way, because taking too much at heart things that do not concern you in the first person, will end up compromising your activities and also your relationships.

You will have to be able to let go of everything and think more about yourself



Try not to go too far against your own ideas, because by doing so you may disappoint not only yourself but also the people who believe most in you and your intellectual abilities, especially those that concern work.

  Anyone who wants to belittle you must be put in their place because you can no longer afford and allow yourself to be worth less than someone else.

Elbowing is not part of you, but you can always demand what is rightfully yours.



Today you will have to make a small complete reset on your friendships and on your romantic relationships.

You will need to understand what is worth losing and what is worth recovering as soon as possible.

You will find a lot of interesting material.

You will have to pick up the phone as in the old days and ask the person on the other end of the phone what they think of you and what you think of your relationship.

Only in this way can you clarify the doubts you have been carrying with you for some time.




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